Not happy with iOS 6 Maps, get Telenav's Scout Plus for free for a year

Not happy with iOS 6 Maps, get Telenav's Scout Plus for free for a year

Summary: Apple rolled out a new Maps solution in iOS 6, but it doesn't seem as functional as the previous Google Maps. Telenav has a compelling map client and if you sign up soon you get a free year of premium services.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, iPhone, iPad
Not happy with iOS 6 Maps, get Telenav's Scout Plus for free for a year

The Apple iOS 6 update was released yesterday, I installed it on my new iPad, and I have seen a LOT of complaints about the new iOS 6 Apple Maps. Jason O'Grady asked if the new Maps app is passing or failing and showed a couple of screenshots. I don't find it terrible and think it might be OK for the majority of people, but it is a step back from Google Maps for the most part. If you want to try another solution, then I highly recommend you install Telenav Scout by Friday, 21 September, since they are offering free service for a year due to an iOS upgrade snafu.

Telenav was one of the first to bring voice-guided GPS navigation to the iPhone back in 2009 with AT&T Navigator and their latest Scout product looks great. Scout comes as a free application with advanced features such as offline navigation, real-time traffic, and more as part of their Scout Plus in-app upgrade. If you install the app today or tomorrow then you can get the Scout Plus service for free for a year. This is $24.99 value and if you are not that happy with Apple's new Maps solution then grab Scout now and at least give it a try for free.

BTW, they also just launched Scout for Android so give it a try on your Android smartphone too.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPhone, iPad

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  • Apple maps are a shocker!

    I updated this afternoon. What a shocker! I love my Apple gear, but those maps are a big step backwards. A journey that I take regularly is shown as just over 4 hours by Google, which is correct. Apple maps shows it as 5 and a half hours. More so, it shows two longer options as taking less time. Maps is definitely not of the high standard of Apple products. Very, very disappointing!
    • And it also does not show street allotments

      It shows my device as being in my street, but it does not show the allotments. Not very helpful at all.
  • ...

    Apple was too quick to give google products the axe that they didnt test out their precious new baby before releasing it. Apple Maps sucks so bad it shouldnt even be in beta yet. They might have been able to squeeze it into IOS7 next year if they had kept it in house and refined it more. instead, it just emphasizes how much better Google Maps is performing.
  • A couple of thoughts.

    I can't remember the last time I saw so many seriously negative reviews of an app. I went to look at it as I have usually liked the authors opinion and given the apps a try, but after reading the reviews on the app store, sheesh, I downloaded Mapquest and Waze. I wouldn't bother with Scout.
    Usually love the articles, but this one is as big a dud as maps is now. Wish I could downgrade back to iOS 5.1.1. Thanks Apple.
  • US only?

    Is this Telenav app US only? I can't find it in any of the European app stores...
  • I purchased the Navigon app

    It isn't inexpensive but I've been extremely happy with it.

    All of this is additional proof that Apple removes software features from older devices in order to force hardware upgrades (which is where Apple makes their money). Saying iPhone 4 gets iOS 6 is a joke, a marketing lie. iPhone 4 gets iOS 4.9. Siri was available on iPhone 4 before Apple bought the company and put it into the OS. Suddenly, iPhone 4 no longer met the minimum hardware requirements. Even worse, Apple removed the Siri app from the app store where it was happily insalled on many iPhone 4 devices. Nope, overnight iPhone 4 clearly lost a lot of processing power so bye bye Siri. "You want Siri? Give us $800."

    Same with turn-by-turn navigation. There are dozens of really excellent turn by turn navigation apps available for the iPhone 4. I really like Navigon although I'm sure Scout is excellent too. The iPhone 4 CLEARLY has the hardware to handle turn-by-turn navigation yet Apple removed it from iOS 4.9. "You want turn by turn navigation? Give us $800."

    Nope, not going to happen. After I buy my Nokia Lumia 920 (with turn by turn built in) I will be blending my iPhone 4. After I buy my MS Surface Pro tablet, I will be blending my iPad 2.
  • Apple maps

    Man I miss my android phone, maps was awesome on it... love when apple takes a step backwards
    Jas Bourne
  • Where...

    Where is that iFan now that said "Apple always gets it right the VERY FIRST TIME"? [emphasis his]. It's amazing how people are in complete denial about Apple's mistakes. Just amazing.
  • This is the worst blatant news advertisement I have ever seen

    Matt you should be ashamed of yourself. Either you have no idea what you are talking about or you have completely sold out to telenav.

    Ios6 maps did not remove any features. It ADDS a lot of features and functions that the old maps was missing. The vector rendering by itself improves the responsiveness even in poor signal areas. Turn by turn directions with traffic and an ETA! I was so frustrated using the old software and tried Waze and some other but they weren't any better. telenav is expensive and not worth it now because the native app does everything telenav does.

    Next time save the ads for the outside the articles
    • ios6 maps

      How wrong you are. Just wait till you get 30 miles from where you asked to go. IOS6 maps are brutal with accuracy. Why do you think apple apologized for the poor mao app and fired the guy that headed up its development?