NPD questions if iPad shipments will topple 100M next year

NPD questions if iPad shipments will topple 100M next year

Summary: Apple could set a record for tablet shipments next year thanks to demand for the iPad mini.


Apple might possibly ship more than 100 million iPads in 2013, according to a new memo from NPD DisplaySearch analysts.

In a blog post this week, David Hsieh, vice president of the global display market research firm, addressed both supply shortages for the iPad mini as well as the continued success of the iPad 2.

According to the NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Large Area TFT Panel Shipment Report, panel makers such as Samsung, LG Display, Sharp and Innolux are estimated to have shipped approximately 70 million 9.7-inch iPad panels in 2012.

Of those, 23 million are said to have been iPad 2 XGA panels while 47 million were newer-generation iPad QXGA panels, using both a-Si and oxide TFT technologies.

While the new iPad was originally planned to replace the iPad 2, NPD analysts asserted that strong sales of the second generation model have held up. Thus, manufacturers adjusted panel production for the newer iPads downward while maintaining production of iPad 2 displays.

As for the iPad mini, a recent report from another analyst at a different firm argued that the petite iOS tablet is doing so well that it is "cannibalizing" sales for other versions of the brand.

Hsieh predicted in his memo that Apple will need to adjust its plans for the iPad portfolio overall to meet this stronger demand for the iPad mini.

We believe that Apple is targeting total iPad shipments of 100 million in 2013, half accounted for by the iPad mini, and 40 million new iPad and 10 million iPad 2, as production continues at least until the middle of 2013. As our Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report forecasts the 2013 tablet PC market to be over 170 million, if Apple hits its targets it will continue its domination at approximately 60% market share.

Hsieh had a few suggestions for Apple, most of which pointed towards finding more panel suppliers. That's not only to meet demand now, but Hsieh added that it would be a good idea "in the event that it parts ways with Samsung."

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  • Still don't have an iPad....

    but purchased 3 iPad mini's as Christmas presents. Good to see Apple is still on a roll and making (me) lots of money!
    • Why do I find that statement...lacking truth?

      "Good to see Apple is still on a roll and making (me) lots of money!"

      Somehow, I seriouslly doubt that.
      William Farrel
    • How is Apple making you money?

      I'll guess you are an Apple reseller because you aren't making money off their stocks since its a 10 month low, down almost 4% today.
      • Timeframe matters...don't you think

        Sure...anyone who bought Apple shares exclusively during the last 10 months has lost some money whereas anyone who bought Apple shares any time in the 10+ years prior to that made money...lots of money.

        Funnily enough...the first part of that equation (last 10 months) is true for lots of stocks....including Lovelock's favorite...sadly for Loverock, the last part of that equation (10+ years) is not so true for other stocks, including LD's fave.
      • Bought my AAPL stock...

        when I bought my first Mac, in October 2005.

        Bought it for my daughter in 1997.

        If you buy stocks, it's best to look long-term.
      • Farrell; check, Loverock; check

        Now: Where's Todd? (the REAL one, that is).
        • Now I know what they mean by 3rd time lucky...

          Cool, only when you've been here a while do you know them...
  • Wow, AAPL is a disaster

    Wow. Just. Wow.

    I feel so sorry for all those AAPL fanboys that jumped in with both feet at $700. You have been crushed by AAPL. Devastation.

    On top of all you Apple fanboys losing 25% of your value, every single one of your Apple products is 25% worse than it was a couple months ago. After all, whenever anyone suggests that a competing product is good, the go to argument was always "yeah, well, AAPL proves that Apple products are the best." Odd how I haven't heard that one in the last couple months. But, you guys chose your argument, you have to live with it now. So yes, let's look at AAPL when determining how good your Apple product is. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Since AAPL is a total disaster, so are your Apple products. I didn't make up the rules, you guys did.

    You guys must really be hurting. This must sting. Ouch. I feel really sorry for you.

    Meanwhile, my electronic devices are just as good today as they were when I bought them. Why? Because I don't link the quality of the products I use to the share price of the manufacturer.

    Anyway, I just want to let you AAPL shareholders know that I feel sorry for you. I hope this thing turns around. Ignore the fact that the Chinese iPhone launch was a total disaster. I'm sure that won't affect your stock price at all. Odd that ZDNet didn't report on how poorly the launch went. Oh wait, this is ZDNet where only GOOD Apple news is reported. No mention of huge patent losses or disasterous iPhone launches.

    "at Apple's Beijing outlet, "8 am on Friday, when the store opened to hurrahs from employees, only two consumers stood inside a cordon set up by Apple."

    2 whole people? Too funny. Since they used the plural "employees", that means there were at least as many employees as customers. Ouch.

    "Jury Finds Apple Guilty Of Infringing Three Patents For Handheld Devices"

    Apple is GUILTY. Guilty of SLAVISHLY copying Nokia and Sony handheld devices. Triple ouch.
    • Apple net income beats the pants off the combinednet profits of 5 companies

      For a company that is doomed Apple is going full steam in opening more of their own stores in China and everywhere and they report actual sales of their products.
      Not like some companies especially the one with the mind boggling P/E of above 3000 in mythical shipped numbers or double this and that.

      Btw Apple's quarter's revenue beat Google's 1 year revenue.

      Apple's one year net profit (2011) beats the combined net profit of Microsoft, Google, eBay, Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon. In the same period, Dell, Asus, Intel, Acer, IBM, Lenovo and HP, i.e. virtually the entire PC industry, made $19.3 billion or less than half of Apple’s profit.
    • One more thing

      Apple's estimate for their first quarter is $52b.

      I wonder which thriving company wouldn't wish they can provide this estimate.

      Btw nothing disruptive comes out of the labs of google. nokia, MS and what have you and their present tech is all derivatives from the lab of Apple.