NSA Director Alexander Black Hat USA 2013 Keynote: Gallery

NSA Director Alexander Black Hat USA 2013 Keynote: Gallery

Summary: During his packed Black Hat USA keynote NSA Director Keith Alexander assured the crowd that the NSA's surveillance programs are lawful interception; attendees did not hesitate to shout "Bullshit."


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  • NSA Director Black Hat keynote slide: Section 215

    The General's speech stressed that the NSA's focus was on terrorism suspects, and minimized the scope of the surveillance programs.

    Read the full report in: NSA Director accused of lying to Congress in Black Hat USA 2013 Keynote.

  • Black Hat USA 2013: NSA Director Keith Alexander

    Today's keynote comes during the NSA's most turbulent time in history - under Alexander's watch - when it has been rocked by Wikileaks, the Manning trial, former contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden and the Prism leaks, and widespread outrage at the revealed extent of the NSA's domestic and global surveillance programs.

    The NSA Director told attendees of North America's leading security conference that he was at Black Hat to ask for the help of the security professionals in attendance for their help, most especially if they felt the programs were wrong.

    Read the full report in: NSA Director accused of lying to Congress in Black Hat USA 2013 Keynote.

  • Black Hat USA 2013: NSA Director slide

    Americans, US politicians and the over 7,000 attendees of Black Hat USA 2013 are currently struggling with revelations and further, previous allegations that the NSA has been surveilling them and spying on their digital communications far more than was previously believed, known or even understood.

    Last year, the Director controversially delivered a keynote at DEF CON, the hacker conference after Black Hat. He was not invited back this year.

    Only two weeks ago, Federal agents were openly disinvited to DEF CON by the organizer, in a blog post saying that the conference needed "time off" in its bizarre relationship with "Feds."

    Read the full report in: NSA Director accused of lying to Congress in Black Hat USA 2013 Keynote.

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  • Once more into the breach

    Time to hit the reset button on America and the incumbent global corporates I think.
    Americans don't trust each other. Americans don't trust their Government. The Government doesn't trust its people. Foreigners seem to understand the meaning of the Constitution better than the population, Government and companies. No other country trusts them, well not quite true ...
    ... what everybody does trust is that companies like APPL, GOOG, AMZN and MSFT continue to operate unethically (paying no tax), are determined and persistent monopolists, increasingly controlling the economy and innovation with profit-driven technology limitations. MSFT has copied APPL insidious 30% tax on developers, having grown fat on a cooperating ecosystem and ditched former partners like INTEL and OEM's. I despise their hideous reimagining.

    And its not just the IT industry: the *anking industry has betrayed its trust to stabilise the economy and even after bailouts continued to fiddle the LIBOR rate and pay huge bonuses! In fact has any global industry played fairly? No: they all fall prey to the effects of absolute power. That's what globalisation is doing.

    Governments? In the UK our politicians didn't have the intellect to fiddle their expenses secretly without getting caught, let alone control the embezzling tax avoiders awarding their senior employees huge bonuses, for failing! Gewirtz thinks 'America needs to keep managing the situation'. Didn't 9/11 teach you that you have to STOP MANAGING THE SITUATION?

    And ZDNET? A bunch of sheep, cowtowing to the incumbent powers to garner a few more scoops and page hits ... while Rome burns and our computing future is locked up in a subscription-rich cloud, just as it was with IBM. What's happened to journalistic pride and the exposure of inequity ... Larry Dignan thinks we shouldn't even bother complaining. Loser.

    Well I'm gonna keep complaining and kicking you sheep even if only one of you wakes up.
  • The 4 stars on this mans shoulder

    makes him a consumate professional even if you disagree with what he is presenting at least you can be respectful an practice decorum.