NSA, Linux and handcuffs: Success in Serbia for Balkan hacker conference BalCCon

NSA, Linux and handcuffs: Success in Serbia for Balkan hacker conference BalCCon

Summary: Groundbreaking Balkan hacker conference BalCCon: First Contact brought hackers from all over the world to its successful launch and makes plans for next year's edgy event.


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  • Igor Nikolic at BalCCon

    Featured presenter Igor Nikolic led a group from his presentation in the BalCCon main hall into Novi Sad's giant Master Center lobby for a demonstration of real-life emotional protection of ideals - as an extension of his popular talk, Complexity, sustainability, hacking and you.

    Photo by Violet Blue/ZDNet.

  • BalCCon 2013 in the news

    Serbia and Novi Sad are beginning to be considered by Europe to be like a 'Silicon Valley' for the Balkans, and so seeing BalCCon on the front page of the Sunday newspaper was a crowning achievement for BalCCon's organizers.

    Inside the paper was an in-depth article about hacker culture, perceptions of hackers, concerns about an Internet surveillance state, and the problems posed by the actions of actors such as the USA's NSA.

    You can read the article and its interviews here (in Serbian; Google Translate does it justice).


    Close-up of "hacker" (BalCCon Hakeri) illustration:

    BalCCon Hakeri

    Photos by Violet Blue/ZDNet.

Topics: Security, Government, Hardware, Linux

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