NSA's Keith Alexander to stand down

NSA's Keith Alexander to stand down

Summary: Alexander's deputy is also expected to leave the spy agency.


US National Security Agency (NSA) director Keith Alexander is leaving the agency and his deputy John Inglis is retiring, according to a report from Reuters.

The information comes from anonymous US officials, who told Reuters that Alexander would leave by next March or April and that Inglis would retire by the end of the year.

The NSA has confirmed that Alexander's departure had nothing to do with the recent media attention over allegations that the NSA was engaged in unlawfully spying on US and foreign citizens.

Alexander has been accused of lying to Congress at Black Hat USA this year. His opening keynote claimed that the content of data collection requests was not visible to the NSA and focused on terrorism suspects.

Yet, leaked documents have repeatedly shown this is not the case. The NSA is alleged to store metadata on millions of web users, as well as collect their address books, rifle through inboxes, and collect status updates.

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  • It's not the crime, it's the coverup

    He's already too late to distance himself from the illegal activities of the NSA, and in intentionally lying about PRISM, he is certainly part of the coverup.

    I wish Alexander the worse luck in the world, and hope he has a lengthy prison stay to look forward to.
    • GovReply 1a

      Careful what you say about us .....
      You would not want any info about what happened last july while you were on vacation to get out now, would you?
  • Unfortunate

    This man probably spoke the plain truth from his point of view. He probably didn't know what the capabilities of the NSA are, so what he said was no lie. He was likely told by superiors what to say, and he trusted them. He should not be penalized.
    • He's supposed to be in charge

      Even if his subordinates were lying to him, he's still responsible for what they did and continue to do. Remember that he's both the director of the NSA *and* the head of the U.S. cyber-warfare command (whatever the formal title is); this makes him the most important military geek in the U.S. armed forces. The fact that his deputy is stepping down with him is an indication that this is more than a simple retirement.

      I'm thinking that the Senate confirmation hearings for his successor are going to be very entertaining (assuming we're allowed to see them).
      John L. Ries
      • GovComm 1b.1

        You have no idea how much we have on those politicians, confirmation will be easy.
    • GovReply 1b

      You are a good American ....
      Tell Kat that we will not audit her this year.

  • GovComm 557D

    So does this appease you people?
    Nothing changes though....
  • Keith Alexander

    In my oppion Keith Alexander is a traitor. Someone who puts politics and career ahead of Homeland Security. 9-11 is still going on. In my opion it didn't have to happen at all. I wouldn't be surprised if he retirers to Germany. Historically I think he would fit right in.
  • Expected this.

    It looks like the shadow government has selected their scapegoats. Next, we'll see most of the illegal activities pinned on him and his buddy during the media circus for picking his successor. After that, promises will be made by the new guy to clean up the corruption and illegal activities. Then, everyone involved will slip back into the shadows and go back to business as usual. It's the standard routine they've used time and time again to refocus attention when they get caught doing something illegal.
    • GovReply 2c


      ... you know us pretty well!