NSW unveils one IT hardware panel to rule them all, eventually

NSW unveils one IT hardware panel to rule them all, eventually

Summary: Hardware used within NSW government agencies will fall under new whole-of-government panel.


As part of the NSW government's IT policy reforms, it has today advised industry of its new 888 ICT Hardware contract to provide government agencies across NSW with a single panel to supply hardware.

Beginning with end-user computers, such as desktops and laptops, the contract is intended to extend coverage to servers, storage, virtualisation, and imaging devices "as opportunity arises". Stage one of the contract will not see coverage for phones, game consoles, calculators, or any other device currently covered under existing arrangements that do not expire before May 1, 2013.

Any hardware that would be provided "as a service" will have to be provided via the NSW ICT Services Scheme.

Beyond the delivery of IT hardware, services provided by panel members are restricted to any services that would accompany a typical hardware purchase, such as installation, image loading, maintenance, and support.

The 888 contract's initial term will expire on April 30, 2015, with the option of three one-year extensions being taken up.

There is no closing date for interested companies to join the panel, as suppliers are able to be added to the panel at any time during the life of the contract.

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  • Monopoly

    Monopolisation cancels innovation, although we are probably unlikely to see any innovation in any public sector organisation.

    We see these moves all the time, its the communist ideal... Why do governments persist in this activity, they really get no economies of scale out of it and are probably open across the board to more zero day threats affecting one manufacturer.

    I guess its just a smaller group of less than imaginative men and women for M$ to target with a flashy annual Christmas cruise. No more open source, no more Apple, not more innovation.....

    NO GOOD WILL COME OF THIS ! - Because "M$ is an acceptable cost of doing business"
    Richard Romanov