Nuance intros Voice Ads to engage consumers through mobile ads

Nuance intros Voice Ads to engage consumers through mobile ads

Summary: Nuance has introduced what it is framing as a "game changer" for mobile advertising — and that could be accurate.


Nuance is revving up the potential use cases for its voice recognition technology with the introduction of a new solution intended for mobile advertising.

Voice Ads is designed as a way to enable two-way communication between consumers and brands through a conversation-like experience.

Basically, a mobile ad is supposed to appear, and the consumer can respond with how he or she fits the ad just by speaking to it like any other person on the phone.

By taking advantage of other features available on mobile devices (i.e. GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.), Voice Ads can also be set up with geo-location features to optimize ad targeting for individual users.

Nuance is framing this as a "game changer" for mobile advertising — and that could be accurate.

Much of the buzz around mobile advertising (and digital advertising in general these days) is enabling more engagement directly with customers and then offering them increasingly customized experiences.

Social media is probably the primary way that most advertisers and marketers are going about this, using big data from these sources to better comprehend what consumers want.

But if any kind of feedback could be garnered in real time, you can't get much faster than directly from the consumer's mouth.

Such a platform could also fill a number of roles at once, ranging from standard customer service to acting as a personal mobile concierge.

Nuance Voice Ads is available now for mobile ad platform and network providers and creative agencies through an SDK that can be integrated into new or existing mobile advertisement campaigns.

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  • Sounds Annoying

    I'm sure someone at Nuance thinks this is the Cat's Meow. I hate it when my computer just up and talks to me, even when I didn't ask. It will be like a Robocall on the phone; Door knockers trying to save me. Please tell me I'll be able to block this stuff.
  • I wonder if the ads will understand....

    "**** off!"
  • I'm still waiting for voice recognition software that works.

    We'll probably see it eventually, but I will wager that Nuance does not have a version ready for prime time.
  • Do. Not. Want.

    This article could have simply said "Advertisers find new way to be even more annoying". It would have been just as accurate.
    Hallowed are the Ori