Nurses use Google Hangouts to collaborate on technology

Nurses use Google Hangouts to collaborate on technology

Summary: Nurses are using new media to collaborate, even when the participants are on opposite sides of the globe.

TOPICS: Google, Cloud, Health

Google Hangouts are getting more and more interesting. The ability to easily start a live video conference with colleagues all over the world, share screens, and see each other -- all in real time -- is opening many doors for innovation.

Sure, live video conferencing has been around for years, and it's been quite good for some time. But it hasn't been as easily and freely available as Hangouts on the ubiquitous Google infrastructure. Now, anyone with a Google account can start a live video conference.

A good example of this is the Hangout produced by Yuri Shevchouk and involving RN Rob Fraser, clinical development nurse Ian Miller, and travel nurse Gary Cox. Talk about worldwide, Fraser was in Toronto Canada while Miller was in Australia's Canberra region.

Fraser discussed using technology to help nurse leaders tell their stories. Miller talked about how the web site he developed helped share information within his nursing unit. Cox talked about travel nursing and apps that help him get his job done.

I encourage you to watch this Hangout, which the four graciously shared up on YouTube for everyone to see. It's a great example of using new media to collaborate, even when the participants are on opposite sides of the globe.

Topics: Google, Cloud, Health


Denise Amrich is a Registered Nurse, the health care advisor for the U.S. Strategic Perspective Institute, and a mentor for the Virtual Campus at Florida's Brevard Community College.

Nothing in this article is meant to be a substitute for medical advice, and shouldn't be considered as such. If you are in need of medical help, please see your doctor.

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  • Citrix should be worried

    GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype. Whole companies have been built around this tech. The fact that Google offers it for free should worry them.
  • How does Google Hangouts do in regards to HIPAA?-

    Are those conversations encrypted, or simply thrown on the web in hopes that nobody
    will intercept them? Other services such as Citrix's offerings have encryption.
  • Google Hangouts are encypted

    How encrypted we may never know.

    The real answer here is better left to the entity Compliance/Privacy Officer and legal team to decide which system is least likely to get them fined, or at the very least what is going to be the entity's stand on minimum acceptable requirements for this type of application.
  • Google PR

    How did the author come by this information? Did Google or a PR agency approach her? I doubt she spends enough much time searching the web for nursing topics to find this organically. ;)
    Tim Acheson