Nvidia expects GeForce GTX Titan Z to be ultimate graphics card, cost $3,000

Nvidia expects GeForce GTX Titan Z to be ultimate graphics card, cost $3,000

Summary: The new super-board combines a pair of Kepler GPUs, 12GB of graphic memory, and a sky-high price tag.

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Not content that its GeForce GTX Titan line of premium graphics cards costs more than many mainstream desktops, now Nvidia is readying a version that will be priced higher than almost all PCs. 

Dubbed the Titan Z, it will combine a pair of GK110 "Kepler" chips that offer a total of 5,760 processing cores, along with 12GB of video memory. It will also combine all that with a mega-price tag -- $3,000. You can get an incredibly high-end PC for the same amount.

While Nvidia played up the gaming possibilities of the new board after CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduced the Titan Z at the annual GPU Technology Conference (e.g., 5K gaming when 4K isn't even the norm), there will be very, very few gamers who can and will pony up three grand for a graphics card, no matter how powerful it may be.

Those thousands of cores will be used instead for GPGPU tasks (general-purpose computing on graphics processing units), which Nvidia has staked claim to with its CUDA architecture. As Huang put it: "If you’re in desperate need of a supercomputer that you need to fit under your desk, we have just the card for you."

The Titan Z unveiling came shortly after Nvidia showed off its next-generation GPU, dubbed Pascal. That won't be due until 2016, however, by which time the Titan Z's price may have dipped below $2,000. 

Topics: Hardware, PCs

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  • SLI

    Does it support 3-way SLI?
    • No

      it supports 4 way sli
  • Overpriced

    You can get the AMD 7990 for $800 and it has roughly the same graphical performance. Mind you it has half the ram but for gaming you don't need 12 GB of ram.
    Brock Jones
    • Status

      But you _have_ 12GB of RAM.
      • True

        Good point. And 12 Gb of ram would be quite useful if it was for some 3D modeling applications but this graphics card is designed for gaming. It could be used for both though, it just wouldn't be as effective.
        Brock Jones
        • Not really

          Well... It is a dual chip card which unfortunately means that the 12GB RAM thing is just a marketing hype as you will have only 6GB per core at your disposal. So it will be the same as if you had two regular Titans.

          Personally I do not see a point in getting the 'Z'. The price is crazy and there will be no real advantage for 3D rendering (which is what I use my Titans now) as the specs and the VRAM size will be basically exactly the same.