Nvidia pins hopes for tablet success primarily on Nexus 7

Nvidia pins hopes for tablet success primarily on Nexus 7

Summary: Nvidia's CEO sings praises for newer Android tablets, especially the Nexus 7 made by Asus.


Following better-than-expected second quarter results posted on Thursday, Nvidia executives are pegging their future success on tablets -- specifically the Nexus 7.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang remarked during the quarterly conference call with investors today that Nvidia is counting on tablets to be a huge growth sector for the chip maker.

"A lot of people think that the tablet market in just a few more years will be as large as the entire PC mobile market," said Huang, adding that based on the number of tablets shipping today, he wouldn't be surprised by that. 

Huang cited that Android tablets, in particular, are finally coming into their own because "the costs, the functionality and the quality" are all finally coming together to produce a much more enjoyable and productive experience.

Huang posited that this has really become possible with latest Android OS releases (Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean) because these versions -- compared to Honeycomb -- produced a unified platform with smartphones, making the user experience all the more seamless.

It's really wonderful that all of the applications and all of my content stay synchronized between my phone and the Nexus 7 tablet. And so I think that the momentum of the products that we have are much stronger. Our position in the market is much stronger. And we'll see how these devices do in the marketplace. But at the moment we're quite confident in their position in the market.

For reference, Google's 7-inch media tablet, made by Asus, runs on Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-core processor with a fifth battery-saver core.

But the real point is that Android tablets are finally getting to the point where each one isn't looked at as a "cheaper iPad," as Huang continued, but rather a "a peripheral or a companion device for someone who is really invested in the Android operating system."

The Nexus 7 finally, from a tablet perspective, made it really, really easy for you to enjoy and to synchronize all of your content that you've already invested in for your Android phone...

...I think it's taken this long to really build a platform that adds value to Android users, and so that's the value proposition. It's not an alternative to an iPad. It's really a device that enhances the user experience for someone who's an Android user and there happens to be hundreds of millions of Android users.

But it isn't only the Nexus 7 -- or even just Android tablets -- that has Nvidia excited. Huang also discussed the upcoming release of Microsoft's Surface tablet, which will also be running Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

I think they've done an amazing job, and it's a really, really cool device. So I can't say that I saw that coming. I was very positively surprised, and I think so was everybody else.

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  • Umm what?

    Nexus 7 is just one tablet running this SoC... The Nexus 7 is just one part of the puzzle but it will help people to see that the GPU is actually quite good.
  • Nexus 7 Incredible Experience at an Incredible Price!

    From the moment you pull it out of the box, it simply blows you away how fast it is. I've even learned to use the front facing camera to take decent pics or scanning bar codes and even the videos are actually pretty good too. I can stream them direct to my 65" HDTV and they aren't some little tiny square either. In 4:3 they show quite well spanning full vertical with just sides cropped. The only thing I see is a problem in low light and Skype is junk. But on G+ Hangouts video is not just good, but awesome and beats iPad's VGA only cam's socks off!

    This my 7" device and the portability, weight and size (fits back pocket in jeans & coat pockets) makes you wonder why anyone would ever want an iPad or Android full sized Tablet. With Tap to Pay NFC and Tap to Pair NFC is going to change our World drastically. I get up my shopping list for market, put it in the cart and swipe and toss as I pick up items. NFC works at my favorite gas station w/ Tap to Pay but not at Walmart. But McD's for lunch and it's always trippy to pay and watch the looks. Fits cargo pants pocket too.

    Offline Maps were really handy until I got a Mifi. Also having this N7 makes you wonder how HP Touchpad (got one) and $500 iPad ever got away without having a REAL GPS. Even with no wifi signal offline maps works when iPad can't really cut it in the portable world. With Bluetooth 4.0 Beam is awesome feature too for transferring content to other Android devices. Battery life blows me away too. Easily outlasting my iPad 2 wifi only. Which I sold getting ready for buying either New iPad or Samsung's 12" that hasn't made it out yet. I'm still waiting for it. Because there will be nothing to beat for near ever with it's latest Mega Powered Exynos 5250 with a screen that will run edge to edge, no bezel, only speakers, camera, mic built right into the border to retain it's same size.

    But back to Nexus 7; Best Gaming Experience on the Planet.... bar none. Even beats my friend's New iPad Retina. The Aspect Ratio is made for movies and games and to be honest, the ports to even the top games that have been ported to Retina iPad, run crappy by comparison. They glitch and ghost under fast action a whole lot more than Nexus 7 too. Plus with N7 you can hook up a PS3 Xbox 360 controller to change the whole experience as well as stream it to your HDTV! ....I'm sold on the power of the Tegra 3 processor. This is my pre Retina iPad killer just for it's portability alone! .....but when it's big brother comes out (looking like Google is teaming up with Samsung) with a Launch it's 12" Tablet, I think iPad is a DEAD MAN WALKING!

    I highly recommend this awesome little tablet though for it's great engineering, Jelly Bean Sweetness and it's as close to Retina as you can get in a far more portable device!
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