NZ, Australia to get Win7 first

NZ, Australia to get Win7 first

Summary: The first retail sales of Windows 7 will take place in New Zealand and Australia on 22 October, Microsoft confirmed this week.


The first retail sales of Windows 7 will take place in New Zealand and Australia on 22 October, Microsoft confirmed this week.

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Windows 7 will hit first New Zealand, then Australia, due to the countries' placement with respect to the International Date Line. Microsoft announced last week that its new operating system would hit retail shelves and start showing up on new PCs from 22 October this year.

"Our understanding at this time is that the availability of Windows 7 will 'follow the sun' on Thursday October 22," a Microsoft spokesperson said late yesterday. "As such, we're excited that the first retail sales globally of Windows 7 will take place in New Zealand and Australia as we cross the dateline ahead of other markets."

A number of large Australian organisations including National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Centrelink have already started examining Windows 7, and companies as large as Telstra have flagged their intention to eventually migrate to the platform. has also been informed by many early adopters that they have had positive experiences with Windows 7 after testing it on their home PCs in preparation for upgrading to the platform from Vista or XP installations.

Microsoft Australia could not confirm at this stage what upgrade programs would be available to locals. However, globally Microsoft has confirmed, without giving details, that it plans to offer some sort of "technology guarantee" giving those who buy Vista machines close to the Windows 7 launch a free or discounted copy of the new operating system.

As with past similar programs, details on pricing will be up to individual computer makers, although Microsoft did say the upgrade program will apply to Vista Home Premium and higher-priced editions (meaning not Windows Vista Basic).

The tech guarantee program is not beginning immediately, but Microsoft did raise the possibility it will offer some sort of lower-cost upgrade to those who are already using Windows Vista.

CNET's Ina Fried contributed to this article.

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  • Pricing?

    That's all well and good, but is there any indication of the pricing yet? Currently it appears that it will be yet more expensive than Vista which should indicate that, in the current cash-strapped climate, the initial take-up could be anything but stellar.
  • Free for those on vista

    After all the promises at how Vista would be faster and fantastic, they should give it away to those on Vista for all the trouble it has caused them!
  • Care

    Windows, Care factor = 0
  • agree

    Yep particularly those who went Vista 64bit, that was a loss of time and money. Can't see I would pay for any new copy of windows based on my experience with Vista.

    Back on the old trusty XP again now, at least it doesn't hang the PC (requiring reboot) when I upload data. Final straw was when after about 8 months Vista kept doing BSOD on boot and wouldn't repair its self, crappy "wizard" repair system was rubbish.
  • no care then why did you read

    obviously you do care or you wouldn't have commented.
  • Good Timing For Small Business

    I'd be hoping that MS do kick in their Technology Guarantee - combined with the 50% tax break for small business, sales of 7 should get a nice boost.