Obama administration to kick CGI Federal off healthcare.gov

Obama administration to kick CGI Federal off healthcare.gov

Summary: Reports say that the administration will be signing a contract with Accenture to take over healthcare.gov web site operations from CGI Federal


The Obama administration will be signing a contract with Accenture to replace CGI Federal for the repairs on the troubled federal health care exchange site healthcare.gov, according to a report in the Washington Post.

CGI Federal was the main contractor that built the site, which infamously failed to operate reliably after its rollout. CGI Federal has also been the main company working on repairing the problems which emerged.

According to the Post, citing "a person familiar with the matter," federal health officials have decided that CGI Federal "...has not been effective enough in fixing the intricate computer system underpinning the federal Web site..."

Like the Canadian CGI, Accenture is incorporated abroad, specifically in Dublin, Ireland, but its operational headquarters are in Chicago. It is the world's largest consulting firm by revenues, and built the well-regarded California exchange CoveredCA.

CGI Federal's contract runs out at the end of February, 2014. The government had the option of renewing it further, but it appears they will not take that option.

The prospect of taking over a complex project in less than two months may portend new delays. Planning for such project usually takes far longer.

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  • I've worked at Accenture

    This is going from bad to worse.
    • agreed

      anything, I mean ANYTHING is better than accenture. It just so happens that they have been leeching off govt for a long time in DC and built liaisons within the establishment. Now they swooped down on the opening created by CGI's blunder but this only means the worst possible return for 10 times more cost.
    • How???

      They gave their buddies a ton of money and now they're kicking them off the project... Are we going to see any of that money returned?

      We've traded Haliburton for CGI and Health Insurance Providers!
  • How is this an upgrade?

  • scapegoat found

    but don't expect miracles from Accenture. Maybe they will be ready for next Oct/Nov but this is going to be bad for years unless it dies first.
  • down the rabbit hole...

    after what? 300million or so of our tax money down the hole...
    • Yep!

      To their friends!
  • Before a company even tenders a proposal...

    The target project gets a rather heavy going over.

    And that "going over" takes around 6-8 months. If the new contract is released in February, they have been going over the project since around August.

    And if they were even reasonably conscientious in the review, they already know most of the problems.

    The only problem remaining is if they also hand off the CAUSE of the problem (very likely PHBs).
  • Accenture as a Microsoft trojan

    The selection of Accenture to take the Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) Website forward just may not be a good choice since the company has been a strong partner and advocate for Microsoft technologies gainst all competitors up to now, and the framework policies set for the ACA website were rightfully based on Open, Internet protocols and Standard, as well as Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) as much as possible as the proven and undisputed foundations for best performance, scalability, reliability and of utmost - maximum security, with the perk of greater Return on Investment (ROI).

    If Accenture moves the ACA infrastructure to fully or even partially Microsoft, as is their want, one can expect the same fate for Obamacare website as that of the 70 plus million customers of Target who have had all their confidential credit card and personal information compromised.
  • An Improvement?

    Somehow I do not see there will be any improvement.
  • Interesting

    1. Accenture used to be part of Arthur Andersen -- the infamous firm tainted (and consequently shut down) by the Enron scandal.

    2. I still wonder how much of the .Gov debacle was caused by CGI incompetence -- versus constant rule changes and uncertainties coming from government and Congress!?!

    Imagine programming for a company where the CEO, COO, chairman, etc. are all at each other's throats!?!
    • If only the U.S. Gov't were an actual company....

      Right...if any corporation was run in such a disorganized fashion, it would be out of business in a New York minute. But then again this is the only "corporation" that gets guaranteed revenue, and where the senior management gets routinely rewarded for incompetence that would get any other ordinary board member or C-suite member bounced to an unemployment line.
      • Out of business?

        If Øbama were the president of a private company he would have been arrested for fraud. He would be with Bernie Madoff right now.
    • Arthur Anderson

      Does Accenture continue the incompetence of Arthur Anderson? If so, it is highly unlikely that Healthcare.gov will ever be finished or work.
  • Suckers

    The new software will track exactly how many suckers are being born every minute who vote for this tyranny. If you want your pathological liar you can keep your pathological liar.
  • Errrr.....

    Nothing can fix the site. It was doomed because the government pushed it through too fast without proper testing. Accenture may be huge but that doesn't mean good. The feds had to ditch CGI to save a bit of face.