Oberon Design Siena case provides a classic look for your iPad (gallery)

Oberon Design Siena case provides a classic look for your iPad (gallery)

Summary: Oberon Design makes some high end leather cases and their new Siena case provides a classic, traditional hardbound book look and feel to your iPad. I have been using a blue one for a few days and love the way it adds character to my iPad.

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  • The spine of the Siena case is one of the most distinctive features of the new case. The spine gives the case a look of older hand bound books.

  • Britannia pewter is used by Oberon Design and on the Siena case you can find it serving as the front securing clasp.

  • Here you can see how my iPad fits into the Oberon Design Siena case. Note the left side small flap and felt lining with the leather flaps on three corners of the right side.

Topics: Mobility, Apple, iPad, Reviews

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