October 23 Apple event rumors: MacBooks, iMacs, Mac minis

October 23 Apple event rumors: MacBooks, iMacs, Mac minis

Summary: In addition to the iPad mini, Apple could announce a 13" MacBook Pro, refreshed Mac minis and iMacs and a "slightly tweaked" full-sized iPad with Lightning and LTE in the UK.

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California Theatre in San Jose, California - Jason O'Grady

Apple today invited select members of the media to a special event on Tuesday, October 23 at 10 a.m. PT at the California Theatre in San Jose, California (above). The invitation (received by CNET) features the top of a white Apple logo over top of a sand art background with a short caption that reads only "We've got a little more to show you." 

It's pretty obvious that Apple will launch a new 7.85-inch "iPad mini" at the event (9to5Mac is reporting 24 new iPad SKUs alone) but the real question is: what else could Apple announce at the event?

A raft of rumors suggest that Apple could announce several other pieces of new hardware at the event, including:

  • 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display -- Codenamed "D1" it inherits the thinner and lighter enclosure of the 15-inch Retina MBP that was released in June 2012.
  • Ivy Bridge Mac mini -- Including Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0 in two standard configurations and a third model with OS X Server.
  • Updated 10-inch iPad -- A "slight tweak" with Apple's new Lightning connector and 4G/LTE in the UK.
  • Refreshed iMacs -- Code names "D7" and "D8" could be updated 21-inch and 27-inch iMac models.

Apple isn't likely to announce five new hardware products on October 23 -- the tweaked full-sized iPad and iMacs are the outliers -- but two or three out of five isn't outside the realm of possibility and the 13-inch Retina MBP seems the most likely. 

It's unclear is if the new iPad mini will be Wi-Fi only or if it will include LTE connectivity like its big brother. Also up for debate is the price. My money is on $249 for the starting configuration.

What's on your Q4 Apple shopping list?

Topics: Apple, iPad

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  • Or...

    ...just to confound expectations they could be announcing a special sand coloured iPhone 5.


    The iPad mini looks to be the most likely thing, but the overall laptop and desktop designs are in sore need of a refresh, and not just a "Retina" display. You realise that those "new" chassis designs were introduced in 2008/9? The laptop design is basically coming up on 4 years old!

    I would love it if after all the speculation, the hype, the blogging by pundits left, right and centre, they don't release an iPad and instead do something totally unexpected but cool. Maybe a look ahead to the next iOS with a totally new interface or something.
    • Here, here . . .

      . . . I'm sick of the rumors too. iTV anyone!
    • The chassis is ~4 years old

      The innards often get updated.

      4 years ago, there was no Ivy Bridge processor, Ati 6770M video, etc, etc...

      If it works, stick with it, but based on heating problems, the design should have been nixed after 2010 and all of the tech media chiming in on articles like "2010 MacBook Pro Core i7 models seriously overheating", etc...
    • new chassis...

      they did a new design with the Retina Macbook Pro... and thats why they are hyped about a new designed retina Macbook Pro.
  • How about Mac Pro?

    It sure looked like Apple was abandoning the high-end market, under Mr. Jobs. The Mac Pro is about three years old, even given the slight tweak this spring (a slightly higher speed version of the same old ancient Xeon chips). Cook hinted that there might be a refresh of the Pro, which would at least demonstrate that Apple is no longer trying to get all of their professional content market users to move to Windows.
  • Given the "rumors" are typically "ads in tabloid clothing"

    It'd be nice to read real news.

    Still, if Apple announces a 15" Retina MBP with faster GPU and better cooling, I would upgrade. in a heartbeat.
    • I wouldn't.

      My early 2008 MBP is still going strong, and Apple's irritating refusal to put a Blu-ray drive into their machines is seriously stopping me from upgrading. HD content purchased through iTunes is expensive, takes up far too much space, especially with iTunes Extras, and quite frankly is not as good a quality as an actual Blu-ray Disc, which also has more extras generally.

      It seems like a dumb thing to get hung up on, but I have watched a lot of DVDs on trips etc. over the years and now my home media library is becoming Blu-ray oriented I am losing that capability.

      So either they better announce something with modern optical media capabilities or I'm starting to pull out of the Apple Eco-system, laptop first. Everything else is fine - I have a 3GS, a 5, an iPad 2, a first gen Time Capsule and an iPod 5.5g. I love their kit, but the head in the sand approach is starting to bug me a lot.
  • is this newiMac?

    • it would make since

      I have not stuck a CD in my MAC in ages. Time to kill the moving parts! With an SSD this would only have fans that move. Maybe they can magically cool it without fans...