Of penguins and Tuxes: The Linux Foundation's holiday membership drive

Of penguins and Tuxes: The Linux Foundation's holiday membership drive

Summary: This holiday season The Linux Foundation will donate $25 for every new individual member who joins during the drive to the World Wildlife Fund for emperor penguins.

TOPICS: Linux, Open Source

You can help two birds with one donation this holiday season. The Linux Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux and other open-source collaborative development projects such as OpenDaylight, announced its 2013 Holiday Individual Membership Drive. In it, the group will donate $25 to the World Wildlife Fund for emperor penguins for every new member who joins, today through 11:59 PM. PT on December 10, 2013.

Emperor Penguin
Help Linux and emperor penguins this holiday season.

Loyal Linux users will know that the connection between an operating system and a flightless water fowl is that a penguin called Tux is widely known as the Linux mascot.

So, if you want to help advance the Linux operating system and support the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds, you can join nearly 10,000 developers from more than 1,000 companies who build Linux every day. For  annual membership fee of $99, $25 for students, you'll receive exclusive benefits that include a Linux.com email address (e.g. john@linux.com); employee purchase pricing from Dell, HP and Lenovo; up to 40 percent off O’Reilly books and e-books; and a variety of other discounts to attend events, take training and subscribe to industry publications.

You'll also be helping emperor penguins. Climate change and habitat loss are posing great risks for these animals.

Want to join and help else both Tux and emperor penguins? To sign up for membership, visit the Linux Foundation Individual Membership: 2013 Holiday Membership Drive pagel.

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Topics: Linux, Open Source

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  • Real Penguin fans use Macintosh

    Not that UNIX-bastardized crap called Linux. Plus penguins all over the world puke every time someone associates penguins with Linux!
    • Your comment is puke-worthy.

    • Don't mislead people, Pogo Blue.

      You know penguins don't eat fruit, they are carnivorous and love fish. Force feeding penguins fruit is cruel and will result in a slow painful death.

      Get real, don't compute with fruit!
  • Of penguins and Tuxes: The Linux Foundation's holiday membership drive

    The linux fraudation is begging for money again. It makes no sense to donate to a club that claims to be free. That goes against everything they stand for. This is just morally wrong and only part of the reason why people are turning their backs on linux.
    • Re: It makes no sense to donate to a club that claims to be free.

      You're right, best give all your money to Microsoft, they don't pretend to be anything but a monopoly :)
      • So is that wrong?

        And a monopoly in what?
        • Thanks for sticking up for Lovey

          He needs all the help he can get.

          Answer #1: No it is not wrong for someone to want to give all their IT funds to Microsoft, just as it is not wrong to support the Linux Foundation. As far as Lovey's point to not support them because they advocate FREEDOM (no free as in beer), I would say he is off base and wrong.

          Answer #2: If you read it again you may notice that I imply that Microsoft is pretending to be a monopoly and nothing else (hey don't pretend to be anything but a monopoly). in fact that is the last scare tactic they seem to have left, to pretend.

          With Windows 8+ MS pretends to have achieved a convergence of desktop and mobile, while admitting, quietly that they are not there yet. With the shake-down of Android OEMs they pretend that they own IP, without going after a court ruling to prove it. But, that is to be expected of a company with such a history.
        • Maybe not a monopoly,

          but MS has cornered the market in over-priced, under-performing software.
  • Article: "will donate $25 to the World Wildlife Fund for emperor penguins"

    Why single out emperor penguins for help as they are currently listed as "status: least concerned"/"population trend: stable"?

    Whereas the following penguin species are currently at greater risk then emperor penguins:

    o Southern Rockhopper Penguin
    o Macaroni Penguin
    o Northern Rockhopper Penguin *
    o Fiordland Penguin
    o Snares Penguin
    o Royal Penguin
    o Erect-crested Penguin *
    o Little Penguin
    o Yellow-eyed Penguin *
    o Gentoo Penguin
    o African Penguin *
    o Humboldt Penguin
    o Magellanic Penguin
    o Galapagos Penguin *

    * "status: Endangered"/"population trend: decreasing"

    More here:
    International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
    Red List of Threatened Species(tm)

    The World Wildlife Fund species adoption program supports the following penguin species:

    o Emperor Penguin
    o Rockhopper Penguin

    According to the IUCN, the rockhopper penguin includes both the northern and southern rockhopper penguins currently listed as "status: endangered"/"population trend: decreasing" and "status: vulnerable"/"population trend: decreasing", respectively. Given that The Linux Foundation is using the World Wildlife Fund to channel its contributions, why not support BOTH emperor and rockhopper penguins?

    P.S. Steven, am so glad that you used the term "climate change" instead of "global warming" as the latter might have started yet another ZDNet "war".
    Rabid Howler Monkey
  • There is no crime in supporting something you believe in.

    I started using MS Windows 3.1 in 1994 when I was no longer able to get a DOS version of Quicken with the features I needed. I watched MS add more features thus reducing the platform stability thoughout the years. I was excited to see them branch off with Windows NT/2000 to add more stability to the platform for business users. Then, fearing that they might lose some customers due to the loss of backward compatibility, they converged Windows 98 with Windows 2000 to form Windows XP. What a huge mistake from which they may never recover. At that point is when I decided to switch to using Linux 100%. Prior to that I was just tinkering with Linux to learn about it (Red Hat 5.2). I started with Ubuntu 6.6, then switched to Archlinux when I tired of reconfiguring my system after every version upgrade and Ubuntu switched to the Unity interface. No, Linux is not perfect, but provides freedom of choice of a stable platform that meets your needs and likes. Although Mac is equally as stable due to the Unix kernel at the core, there is little freedom of choice. That is my opinion of why Linux is superior overall.