Ofcom maps UK mobile coverage

Ofcom maps UK mobile coverage

Summary: Ofcom has published its first UK telecoms infrastructure report, which shows that large areas of the country have little or no 3G coverage at all


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  • Ofcom mobile coverage of London

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, densely populated areas such as London have the best coverage for both 2G and 3G.

    The image above shows that Londoners enjoy 98 percent of coverage from all operators by premises and 94 percent by geographical area. It also shows that on average, London premises use 555MB of data per month by uploading and downloading.

    Image credit: Ofcom

  • Ofcom mobile coverage of Scottish Borders

    The image above — which is UK 3G coverage by premises — shows that locations in the Scottish Borders use an average of 139MB per month. If measuring coverage by premises, only three percent in the regions are covered by all operators, while six percent receive no reliable 3G signal at all.

    Image credit: Ofcom

  • Ofcom mobile coverage of Strabane, Northern Ireland

    Despite the Scottish Borders's lacklustre coverage, it is not the worst performing area for 3G coverage in the UK.

    In Strabane, Northern Ireland, data usage is just 79MB per premise per month on average, while nearly 34 percent of premises receive no reliable signal from any mobile operator. If measured by geographical area, 81 percent of the region has no 3G coverage at all.

    Image credit: Ofcom

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  • It is not unsurprising that the service providers like to present the data to look better than they are. But isn't Ofcom supposed to represent us the users? So why is the cutoff set at 60%? I live in Cumbria (way out in the top left corner of England) and I reckon 40% of this area has frustratingly unreliable mobile phone coverage and a further 40% has no coverage at all; and by that I mean basic GSM, never mind any of the fancy G numbers! Perhaps it is time Ofcom remembered just who is funding them!