Ofcom to auction high-frequency spectrum

Ofcom to auction high-frequency spectrum

Summary: Four wireless broadband-friendly spectrum bands will be auctioned off early next year, potentially helping businesses create high-speed, wireless bridges between buildings

TOPICS: Networking

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is to auction four bands of high-frequency spectrum which could be used for wireless broadband services.

The bands — at 10GHz, 28GHz, 32GHz and 40GHz — are able to carry large amounts of data over relatively short distances. Ofcom said in a statement on Monday that an ideal use of the frequencies might be the sharing of internet connections across buildings in close proximity.

Ofcom will conduct an online auction of individual lots of the spectrum on a "technology- and service-neutral basis". Licences will be tradable.

Ofcom has set a provisional deadline of 16 January, 2008 for applications to participate in the auction.

Topic: Networking

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