Office 2013: Screenshots

Office 2013: Screenshots

Summary: Microsoft's new Office has a design that makes it easy to focus on work, rather than drowning in extraneous information. Office 2013 looks set to make users more productive without requiring them to learn new ways of working, even on new kinds of devices.


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  • HTML5 & JavaScript apps

    Office 2013 includes a new extensions model, which lets you add HTML5 and JavaScript applications to your documents — extensions that will run in Office, or in Office Web Apps.

  • Office Store

    Office's new web apps come from the Office Store, where you can purchase add-ins or install free tools.

  • Office Web Apps

    Your Office 2013 subscription comes with either SkyDrive or Office 365 support, which means you get access to a new version of the Office Web Apps, as well as 20GB of additional online storage for your files.

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  • Color Blind & Red Splash indicates that approximately 7% of men and .04% of women are color blind. Most color blindness is reds and greens, but there are a small number of folks with problems with other colors too. I speak for the majority. It is obvious that Microsoft employees who developed the colors in Office 2013 are not color blind, and don't care about the large percentage of disadvantaged folks who may pick another suite easier to deal with. I manage several non profit web pages and got a few complaints about a red background with black or white writing (as an example) and now understand, and do my best to make it so most all viewers can navigate the pages without hardship or even missing important links or articles too! Common Microsoft - you can do better than that!
    • Color Blindness

      Most software today, and even Windows 8, has a setting that you can change for people with disabilities, such as blindness. There are settings that will enable you to increase contrast, dpi, it shouldn't be a concern. Windows has had this for sometime now.
  • Red Splash & Color Blindness indicates that about 7% of men and .04% of women are color blind. Red and green are the most common color. I maintain several non profit web pages and after a couple complaints, discovered that they cannot see some of the published works, such as a red splash and white lettering. It is apparent that none of the Microsoft employees who worked on Office 2013 are color blind! Common Microsoft - you can do better than this! The 7% might go to another type of suite. That is a large number of minority out there that won't get their money in the Microsoft coffers!
  • It's all about bandwidth

    I certainly hope that the Office development team realizes that not everyone using their product is going to be connected to the Web via a super high speed connection. For the MANY of us using WiFi and cellular connections, and for those who use Office offline, I hope the software functions as previous versions do.
    Ira Seigel
  • 2013 Software Budget

    W8: Inefficient for desktops - pass.
    Office 2013 - Same as 2010 except geared toward trendy smartphones - pass.

    Hopefully in 2014 I can roll over my unused 2013 software funds into a software investment that results in a true ROI and does not simply conform to the latest bright light trends established by Apple "I" product types.

    Bring back the menu system and ditch the ribbon. This has been a TREMENDOUS productivity killer for us.
  • How to mark all unread emails as read in Gmail and more Google Apps touted

    whaT CRAP and no they don't make office for off line use only on line so they can see what you ARE doing what you are tpying or sending them & gov & hackers
  • Frustrated with your slide-shows

    ZDNet is supposedly a high tech publication. When are you guys going to learn how to do a slide show without refreshing the entire page. Disappointed !!!
    Ram Todatry
  • Now - That is a first.

    I agree with all 6 of the first comments. I am colour blind and the colour selection is awful. In the UK, colours selected for documents & presentations etc. are covered by the Disability and Discrimination Act, much as Web Sites being accessible to other visual impairments. This new Office also looks like it will be a backward step for people who work on UK Government projects where on-line storage of any kind is not allowed and many people work offline when out on site. Get rid of the ribbon and go back to menus ? 100% spot on. Not only lowers productivity but wastes so much screen space.
  • Horrible interface

    This "white" interface is an absolutely HORRIBLE idea that makes Office 2013 totally useless.