Office 365 Beta: screenshots

Office 365 Beta: screenshots

Summary: The beta programme for Microsoft's cloud-based productivity and collaboration suite is underway. Take a look at our gallery to see how it's shaping up.

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  • Office 365's public-facing website is part of SharePoint Online. It comes with an online design tool and a set of plugin components to simplify building a basic business website. The bundled templates offer a guide to good content, and there's also scope for editing site CSS for a more customised experience.

  • Microsoft's Lync unified communications tool is relegated to giving Office 365 IM, presence and collaboration features. That's enough for most small businesses, and the built-in management tools speed up deployment.

  • Much of Office 365's beta support is handled through a community site that brings together support forums, the Office 365 blog and a set of information wikis. It's a step above the usual beta non-support, with engaged and responsive Microsoft staff and a growing community of service users.

Topics: Cloud, Reviews

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  • How do you D/L the beta, so I can see if I want to purchase it.?