Office for iPad racks up 27M downloads in six weeks

Office for iPad racks up 27M downloads in six weeks

Summary: The highly anticipated Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for iOS were released on March 27 and are enjoying stratospheric popularity. But how much of it is pent-up demand?

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Office for iPad racks up 27M downloads in about six weeks - Jason O'Grady

During her keynote address on Monday Microsoft's General Manager for Office, Julia White, told the crowd attending the TechEd North American 2014 conference in Houston that Office for iPad has been downloaded over 27 million times. That's double the previously reported number, showing an impressive amount of growth for the popular Office suite. 

On April 3 Microsoft's @Office account Tweeted the its iPad Office suite had been downloaded 12 million times since it was launched on March 27.

Numbers can be misleading though.

While the Office for iPad apps (WordExcel, and PowerPoint) are free downloads, they require a paid Office 365 subscription to access document creation and editing features. Microsoft hasn't reported precise Office 365 subscription numbers but noted in its FY14 Q3 Earnings Release that its $99 annual subscription plan (Office 365 Home) had 4.4 million subscribers, added nearly one million new subscribers in three months.

TechCrunch reports that Word for iPad is currently ranked 11th in the United States, and in the top 100 in 109 countries and that Google Docs, which came out shortly after Office for iPad has dropped to 23rd in the U.S. on iPad.

While the download number is impressive, it must be bittersweet for Microsoft because it speaks to the popularity of the iPad. It remains to be seen if the Office for iPad download numbers will level out after the initial hype dies down and the pent-up demand is satisfied, but I'm pretty sure that Microsoft will enjoy another few months of growth. 

What Office suite do you use on iPad? Microsoft, Apple or Google?

Topics: Apple, Apps, iOS, iPad, Microsoft

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  • The subscription thing

    I find it off putting that everybody keeps whining about the fact that Office 365 is a subscription model. I find that it works out cheaper for me to have the 365 Hone version that allows me to install on 5 devices, cross platform, and iOS on top of that.

    27m downloads is great, and has introduced 365 to a bunch of people who maybe never considered it before, so it's a win for Microsoft. They have produced a really strong piece of software - I've used it tons now and the only thing that bugs me (other than the lack of PivotTables in Excel) is the lack of the Equation Editor in Word and PowerPoint, something I use an awful lot in my line of work.
    • Exactly, that subscription thing

      I downloaded it, since it said it was free, and it might have been occasionally useful.

      Only when I got into it did I find that I needed an overpriced subscription.

      I deleted it a few seconds later.

      27 million is impressive. But I think that many of them will have done what I did.
      Henry 3 Dogg
  • like many (maybe even most)

    I downloaded the three apps out of curiosity, and have since not bothered. While I can get a dirt cheap (even generous) 365 uni subscription for $99 for 4 years access. I haven't because I really don't need too! or want too!.

    Iwork does it all for me, and it's free.
  • Who says all those downloads result in new subscribers?

    I downloaded the apps, looked at them, then deleted them. Some others I know have done the same. I suspect that the huge downloading is due in great part to curiosity.

    Except for minor tasks, I cannot do any serious word processor work on a table. And the idea of paying forever for software is a no-go. I'll stick with an older copy of MS Word that I have been using for years and will continue to use.

    Have a nice day,

  • My wait is over.

    I've been waiting for Office for the iPad before moving to Office 365. As soon as it was available I downloaded it and bought a subscription. I couldn't be happier. My laptop stays in the office and I do all my document creation at meetings and at home on the iPad. I have a keyboard for the iPad that I basically only use with Office. I prefer the laptop when I'm doing a big document or spreadsheet but I carry the iPad everywhere anyway and it's perfect for things like meeting notes and other smaller documents.
  • This proves one thing to me

    It was STUPID for Microsoft to wait so long to bring out the iOS versions...
    • Delay results in better product

      Office for iPad has had universally strong reviews for its functionality, performance and ease-of-use. That would probably not have been the case if they had rushed it to market sooner. Some of the delay was that the Microsoft development team had apparently done quite a lot of work on it for iOS 6, but rebuilt it for iOS 7 to take advantage of better capabilities. The re-coding work they did is now contributing to the next version of Office for OS X.
  • Subscription

    Windows if probably going to be a subscription OS starting from Win10! Users have long been paying over US$200 every 3 years for a new Windows version. Proof is that Win8 requires a user to have a WinStore account for updates!
  • There are now

    27 million people who will NEVER need a Surface. Great news!
    Tony Burzio