Office Tech 1: Awesome Desks

Office Tech 1: Awesome Desks

Summary: Do amazing work in the office at these ultra cool and stylish desks.


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  • Nintendo desk

    built by Reddit user CantEvenRemember.

  • Burroughs E101

    The original awesome workstation for 1956. Programmed by inserting pins in a removeable board.

    Credit: Computer history museum

Topics: Hardware, After Hours

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  • Burroughs Desk:

    does it come with programming instructions?
  • Burroughs Desk:

    does it come with programming instructions?
  • How is that a "Star Wars themed desk"?

    It's just a regular desk with Star Wars stuff on it.
  • Some very impressive looking desks, but ...

    How practical are any of these? (Except for the Burroughs, back in its day, of course.)

    I prefer understated elegance to lots of bling, but even more I want plenty of usable space. For example: can you imagine getting much work done on the Han Solo Carbonite desk with its anything-but-flat surface? My current desk is sturdy and stable; its top is as flat as ... well, a board; it incorporates cable ports to clear some of the clutter off the desktop; and at 63 inches long it's almost big enough to satisfy me, or will be after I relocate the midtower and printer. It's even made of engineered bamboo (like the bamboo flooring that is so popular these days), which I suppose also makes it "greener" than most other home-office desks. It isn't perfect, though; I have storage shelves instead of drawers (I'm looking for a two-drawer cabinet to place alongside it that will double as a printer stand), and I need to install an aftermarket keyboard drawer.
    • the han solo desk

      Was flat as, well, glass. Go look at it again.