One in five Brazilians watch Pay TV illegally

One in five Brazilians watch Pay TV illegally

Summary: Losses amount to R$2bn; operators demand heavy penalties to those using pirate decoders


One in five Brazilians watch to Pay TV content illegally - that's 4,2 million users out of the 23,2 million people who access premium television content in the country.

According to the Brazilian Pay TV Association (ABTA), who released the numbers at a sector event last week, the concerted use of pirate TV decoders in Brazil is causing annual losses of R$2bn ($878m) to operators.

This has caused premium TV providers to campaign for the approval of a Bill that proposes a jail term of two years for anyone caught using pirate TV decoders - which are openly available in shopping districts in capitals like São Paulo or online for about R$ 300 ($131).

The cheapest Pay TV package in Brazil costs about R$50 ($22) per month, so R$600 ($263) per year, plus any sign-up/set-up fees and contracts that lock customers in for a year.

If the number of pirate users were signed up to any company, that would be the third largest service provider in Brazil: the two biggest premium TV operators in Brazil are Net, with 6,1 million customers, followed by Sky with 5,1 million.

Out of the 1750 pay TV users polled by ABTA across Brazil, 42 percent of the pirate users are based in major urban centers and 58 percent live in the countryside.

According to the ABTA study, most people watching Pay TV through pirate equipment are from the so-called Classes D and E - so the very bottom of the social pyramid in the country.

Topics: Piracy, Government, Hardware

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  • "Losses"

    I find it funny how these guys assume that 100$ pirates would still use their channel if they had to pay for them, causing them an actual loss.
    Also, 2 years of jail term for piracy seems way out of proportion. Finding and selling someone else's lost phone is more profitable, and causes more harm, yet there's no 2 years of jail for that one.
    • $ => 5

      %, not $
    • I still want an edit button.

      Also, 1 in 5 Brazilians is 40 million people, not 4. So the headline of the article should read "One out of fifty Brazilians watches Pay TV illegally".
    • It's worth paying for the decoder

      so for many it sound like they want to watch.