One Laptop per Child reaches 20K devices in Aussie schools

One Laptop per Child reaches 20K devices in Aussie schools

Summary: Not-for-profit organisation OLPC Australia's new program, One Education, has now distributed 20,000 computing devices to schools throughout Australia, with a celebration held last week at a school where every student and teacher has a device.


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  • (Image: Hilltop Road Public School)

    Natalie See, the principal of Hilltop Road Public School (pictured with student Isaac Wahab) said the primary school instituted a staggered rollout, beginning with a kindergarten and a year 1 class last year. Now, all 670 teachers and students in the school have a device, with every class using it slightly differently.

    "Our school has embraced the needs of our 21st-century learners, embedding technology into quality teaching and learning experiences," said See.

  • (Image: Corinne Reichert/ZDNet)

    According to Srikhanta, the devices are rugged enough for use by children of all ages. "The XOs are designed for schoolkids, they're designed for school environments; you can drop them on the floor and they're repairable. Every classroom gets a little repair kit, and that includes spare parts for screens and keyboards, and we actually get the kids to become champion mechanics, where they pull the machine apart and put it back together," he said.

    Each class seems to have a designated set of people who have taken it upon themselves to fix their classmates' computers when something goes wrong. In the picture above, a student in year 3 helps his friend code a game on his computer.

  • (Image: Corinne Reichert/ZDNet)

    The year 6 students, who will have to hand the XO-duos back in when they graduate primary school in December, use the devices in a more traditional way: To research information and supplement their bookwork.

    One Education aims to roll out another 30,000 XO-duos to schools by June next year.

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