One more thing: could we see an Apple TV dev kit today?

One more thing: could we see an Apple TV dev kit today?

Summary: Will developers finally have access to Apple TV?

TOPICS: Apple, iOS

While the world waits to see if Apple will reveal an iPad mini, I'm actually waiting for a different reveal. What used to be Steve Jobs' "one more thing", could now be Tim Cook's "We’ve got a little more to show you".

What I'm referring to above is Apple's little side project, the Apple TV. We've been hearing rumors leading up to just about every event that a new Apple TV was coming, or a TV with Apple TV in it was on the horizon. So, could we finally see that today?

Let's look at the evidence. First, the tagline: "We've got a little more to <i>show</i> you." Notice where I put the italics? Second, this event will be streamed LIVE on both and <i>Apple TV</i>. Third, there's been a lot of activity lately around Apple TV. It received an update to work with features in iOS 6, and has been getting a few new Apps. The next logical thing for the Apple TV is to get an SDK, and who better to have access to that SDK than existing iOS developers?!

I'll definitely be watching LIVE, or reading the blogs to see what Apple is going to show off to the world, but I'm placing some bets on something around the Apple TV--finally! It's the last screen left for Apple to conquer.

Topics: Apple, iOS

Joel Evans

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  • Apple TV initiative

    I would love to see Apple try to enter the television market with Apple TV. CBS CEO Les Moonves rejected the idea coming from Steve Jobs. There's no chance broadcasting will support this initiative.
    Johnny Orlando
  • "a little more to show you."

    Meeeh, I liked the earlier journalists report which placed emphasis on "a little." That woulld imply 13" MBP with retina display, refresh of mac-mini, and a ipad mini.... but of course with hockey puck sized apple TV units, that could also mean the TV refresh or some software roll-out to up grade it. That would be nice.