One week later, Demonoid still down after massive DDOS attack

One week later, Demonoid still down after massive DDOS attack

Summary: Demonoid, one of the biggest torrent sites around, was taken down on July 25 after a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. One week later, the website is still down, although its administrator says progress has been made towards bringing it back.

TOPICS: Security, Outage, Piracy

Update on August 3 - Demonoid admin: We'll be back


Demonoid was hit by a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack late last month. The famous BitTorrent tracker has now been down for over a week, leaving millions of users seeking alternatives. The site originally displayed a "server busy" error message, but then the server was turned off completely and the site now gives a 404 error message.

On the bright side, I do have some good news to report in regards to this long outage. The Demonoid community has been supporting the website in these dark times, multiple parties are helping the site's administrator with the various technical issues, and breakthroughs have been made, according to the p2p site's Facebook Page. Please see the update below.

The attack is believed to have happened on the night of July 25, 2012. At first it seemed the issue would be a minor one with a quick fix:

July 26: Y'all may be experiencing some issues with the site. Getting it all fixed soon.

July 27: Still having issues with the servers. Hopefully soon we will get the problem resolved. I will keep everyone posted.

It turned out to be a much bigger problem. Demonoid and company started working very hard to get the site back up and running:

July 28: Still down, it seems to be a little more than just server issues at this point. We will not fully say it, because we are not sure if that is indeed the problem. Know that we are having breakthroughs with the issues, and that we are constantly working. We miss all of you and are trying our hardest to get our home back up. Love you guys!

July 28: Just to clear everyone up. It was a DDos attack, but the thing is, it really messed up alot of things. These problems need to be fixed before the site can go back up, and it’s a complicated fix this time. There might have been an attack from another angle, an exploit of sorts, but it’s hard to tell right now without a full check of everything.

July 28: It really upsets us that we are not able to give our lovely users what they want currently. But to the Group that performed the attack, I will tell you this. We are a strong community, and we will get down to the bottom of this. And we will come back stronger and better then before.

July 29: Lots of trial and error today. I gotta go get some sleep. Night all. See you in the morning.

July 29: We do think this was a contracted hit, although lets not throw out the fact that "Anonymous" is back to attacking again. Although i don't know why someone who uses us would want to attack us.

This was all followed by a bit of humor to lighten up the mood, and a warning to counter the spammers trying to take advantage:

July 29: What's weird is when you own a p2p site, but you have to use one that's not yours in order to get a fix. Haha.

July 29: Another thing, we have not posted any donation links, and are even undecided if we will. SO, if you come across on. Please do not send to it. Unless the link is posted here by us, it is a fake. Be aware guys. I caught word that some were floating around.

Reinforcements arrive:

July 30: We got lots of companies helping us with the issues. And woulnt you know it. It's one of the smaller overlooked ones that is helping the most.

July 30: Forgot to mention. The site was taken completely offline intentionally. It will allow us to work faster this way. Love You all.

August 1: Lots of hard work on the site all day, and trying to get a close friend of ours on a tv show, that takes place where he is from. Sort of like a small payment for giving us a big breakthrough with the server issues. busy day!

Hopefully Demonoid will be back later this week. Anything can still happen, but something tells me the site will return very soon. As for those behind the attack, I'm sure Demonoid will share more in due time.

Update at 1:45 PM PST - TorrentFreak has pointed out to me on Twitter that this Facebook Page was never promoted on the Demonoid website, so you should take these Facebook postings with a grain of salt. I sincerely apologize for my mistake.

I have contacted Demonoid's administrator to confirm the Facebook Page is indeed fake and for a statement. I will update you if and when I hear back.

Update on August 3 - Demonoid admin: We'll be back

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Topics: Security, Outage, Piracy

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  • I don't understand

    Who'd want to take these guys out?
    • following the law

      Aw come on! That would be illegal and investigators would be all over them wouldn't they? The RIAA and MPAA only care about America don't they?
      Rick Borowitz
      • Hope it comes back up soon

        In my opinion it had to be the RIAA or MPAA. I really hope demonoid comes back online. I really liked that site even though I mostly use newsgroups. It was good for some things you couldn't find anywhere else.

        If you are interested in an alternative in the meantime check out this blog with a good program for shows, movies, and music alternatives
        • they see them selves as above the law Not for first time

          yep last time it was traced to a company in India that was working for them.
          Jonathan Wint
    • Not RIAA, not MPAA. Game companies.

      As I have mentioned on Protalinski's previous blog, which was buried in flaming comments:
      I was noted by a paralegal when perusing DeviantArt who wanted to discuss a certain matter. He was offended by the folks over at tombraiderforums (Google it) XNALara section. Long story short, he must have cut and pasted a huge list of game companies that he was going to inform. Eidos, Capcom and Sega were among the largest, but he also mentioned Microsoft and Sony among hundreds of other companies, some overseas.

      His intention was to notify them of people who take game files and convert them (.Iso files) and mount them on DaemonTools (effectively stealing the game instead of buying it). By pirates accessing a console's internal harddrive, this violated both Microsoft and Sony terms of service, etc. His goal, however, was to report users on tombraiderforums and deviantart that extract game characters from these stolen games and redistribute them, designating "credit" as their own characters.

      He did mention several pirating websites. People have to understand. The internet is not a game. You have no idea who you're insulting or to what lengths they'll go to. My guess is that the guy bore a grudge, sent out those messages, and demonoid suffered as a side result.
      Joseph Manko
  • Emil, just one technical issue with your excellent post

    The phrase "with the technical issues that have arose" is grammatically incorrect. It should read either "with the technical issues that arose" or "with the technical issues that have arisen." Take your pick.

    The article is nice work, and useful info.
    • Seriously?

      You come here to attack grammar? useless in my opinion.. (TOOL)
      • Grammar

        If you consider grammar useless, how can you hope to communicate effectively. When I see poorly executed grammar, it reminds me of the incomprehensible instructions that are found in so many products imported from foreign countries.
    • Fixed.

      Good catch. Thank you!
      • This is about Demonoid and its issues..

        Glad people come here to read about Demonoid and its issues but that exactly what this is about - Demonoid and its issues. If grammar is all that counts, well then we are some sorry excuses for human beings.
    • Spelling & Grammar corrections...

      If you're going to point out a spelling/grammar correction to the author, it would seem a private message to the author would be more appropriate. You can find a link to send a message to the author by clicking on their name next to their picture at the top of the article. The comment section should should be devoted to commenting on the content of the article (and trashing the other commenters, of course...)
  • Question..

    This whole deal with Anonymous...

    July 29: We do think this was a contracted hit, although lets not throw out the fact that "Anonymous" is back to attacking again. Although i don't know why someone who uses us would want to attack us.

    Are they attacking Demonoid or are they attacking the people (Government Contracted Scumbags) that are attacking Demonoid? And yes I went there because I think the United States Governemnt is that low, they think they can control everything and they have a rude awakening coming if they keep pushing on the American people.

    Good luck Demonoid in getting these issues fixed and hope to see you back online soon. Oh and the grammar police can go piss off, almost seems like more government plants to start trouble.

    See what happens once you truly believe the people who are suppose to be protecting you are doing nothing but undermining and collapsing the great country you LOVE and live in!!
    • United States government run by extreme liberal left

      could only get worse if it isn't stopped this upcoming election. Obama and the Communists out in 2012!!! I know you wanna blame Bush or Capitalism but get it through your heads that posts fro m the likes Freedom-Filter are way too common 4 years into the Obama administration. Religeous freedom and freedom of speech are under attack (follow CHICK-FIL-A) and the HHS mandates to the healthcare and Hillary at the UN is playing with your rights to own guns.
      • Really the extreme liberal left?....

        Come on - with Republican control of the legislature, and extreme freedom of speech in this country (USA), do you really think communists have control? Maybe a slight socialist bent to some programs, but many probably feel that this is a better solution to the increasing poverty here than extreme libertarianism. Religious freedom under attack? Really!?!?
      • Wow.

        Why does politics in the United States bring about such extreme irrational thinking? Obama is fighting for the rights of all people living in the United States, and, unfortunately, he has been stuck trying to clean the errors of the last President. He is trying to invigorate the country with the ideals it alleges to represent, and establish a better relationship with other countries.

        Obama is trying to provide health care to all people, which is a moral right, not a privilege of a select amount of people; yet, I read and hear from those who are actually against such a thing. I interviewed a woman who told me that she wouldn't have received the surgery she needed if not for "ObamaCare," and so it's sad people see this as something "communist."

        Freedom of Speech is not under attack; what is under attack is bigotry and hatred. Chick Fil A, as you mention, is using money from its meals purchased to fund anti-LBGTQA groups - the owner/ CEO is using money to fund ignorance and hatred toward citizens of a country that is supposedly about freedom and diversity, just because of who they fall in love with. This individual has taken his so-called values to speak out against the human right to marry -- a right, not a heterosexual privilege.

        As for religious freedoms, as a Christian, I can tell you with utmost certainty that those who use faith as a way to hide behind their prejudice, fear, and hatred are acting anything BUT Christ-like. There seems to be an over-abundance of "Christians" in the United States that feel their rights are being stepped upon when in fact these hate-mongers are stepping on the rights of true Christian people, among everyone else.

        If Romney were assume power, you can be sure that the rights of the 1% and the "religious" fanatics would be supported while the oppressed would be further oppressed. As for freedom of speech, does one really think that Romney would be supportive of internet rights and freedoms that might conflict with his self-righteous/ backwards world view?

        In any case, back on topic, I truly hope Demonoid is back online soon, and continues to thrive without any further attacks. It is the one torrent site that I truly trust to be safe and reliable.
        • By The Way,

          As it may come up, Christianity is NOT against being gay; its words are twisted and mistranslated to further the cause of a person's bigotry, not provide the truth. For more information, please visit:
          • By The Way

            Catboy - why would I want to visit anything gay?
            And why would I prefer your mistranslation over something like the KJV that's been around since 1611......
          • KJV are you serious???

            The KJV is the most distorted piece of Anglican propaganda EVER. Please try learning ancient Greek and get back to REALITY! Gay Christians are REAL, I'm one of them! Think of us as whack as mormons if you must....sounds like you're about to vote for one.
            Cecil Harwell
        • Drug User

          By all your comments, it is abundantly clear that you are a addict and homosexual. If you truly believe that Obama is trying to fix the problems of past Presidents, you are a user of illegal drugs. Why should my hard earned dollars pay to support your immoral behavior? I am not a hate monger I just want my freedoms back and to keep what I RIGHTFULLY earned, instead of giving it to the immoral, lazy, drug users of our society. Healthcare is not a RIGHT!!! It is something you pay for yourself!!! True Christians do not believe in homosexuality and the union of two men or two women. In GOD's own words it is an OBAMANATION! I know I did not spell it correctly, but it was a pun I could not pass up. As Obama panders to everyone and delivers NOTHING!!! If you think I am a religious fanatic, you are completely WRONG, however I do believe in GOD and it is people like you and your friends that are taking down this Great Country. You almost did it, but your ride is over!!!
          • Hey retard, time to educate yourself

            Seriously, if you think that any American politician is liberal, or communist or anywhere near the neighborhood your completely out of touch with reality.