OneNote gets new look, better syncing and collaboration on iOS and Android

OneNote gets new look, better syncing and collaboration on iOS and Android

Summary: The new version of Microsoft OneNote for iPad, iPhone and Android devices is available, with a new uniform UI and collaboration and syncing options.


Microsoft has revamped the interface on its OneNote note-taking app for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

The new version of the app, released yesterday, introduces a uniform UI for formatting text and layouts across each version, providing access to rich formatting features, hyperlinks, and note tags across all versions.

The familiar Office Ribbon UI, which allows users to reconfigure the UI to carry out different tasks by selecting tabs, is another addition.

OneNote notes can now stay in sync with Office 365 and SharePoint, and multiple people will now be able to edit a OneNote document at the same time and see other peoples' change simultaneously.

The 500-note limit previously placed on the mobile apps has also been lifted.

The upgraded apps are available free, and available through OneNote for iPad or OneNote for iPhone from the Apple App Store and OneNote for Android on Google Play.

Desktop versions of OneNote already exist on Windows 8.1 (both the Intel- and ARM-based variants), but no native version currently exists for Mac OS X.

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  • Pen?

    Does it support a pen/digitiser yet? Without the ability to hand write on the screen and have it OCR'd in the background - like the Windows version - it's useless to me, unfortunately. :-(
    • It does OCR in the background...

      ...but it doesn't convert it to text. All your hand written notes get converted in the background in one-note so it can be indexed and made searchable, but it doesn't convert them to typeface fonts, etc. You can convert them later in the desktop version of One Note because it keeps all that stroke data around.
      • Pen support

        Ah, so it definitely supports a pen/digitiser on Android, then? I wonder why that didn't find its way into the "What's New" stuff.
  • Android

    The android version doesn't seem to take advantage of tablet screens very well - looks like a phone app on a tablet.
  • Ribbon?

    No thanks, you can keep that ribbon crap, I don't want it near my phone. I won't upgrade office on the Windows 7 pc, and will not allow it near any personal equipment.
    Troll Hunter J
    • You Do Know That

      You can disable the ribbon in the new Office, but judging by your comment, I guess not
    • That's what I like to hear......

      ....... a refreshingly prejudice-free comment.
  • OneNote - sort of

    I for one am totally PO'd about this. They have a new OneNote version out but it only supports Android v4. and above. I am one of those buttheads still on Gingerbread. Now I am irritated that I can't install it but I am PO'd that they took down the older version that did run on my phone. I used the older one frequently and uninstalled it to get the new version but nooooo. Now I have none. I am not sure who the idiot is Google or MS. )^)(&_)*@@@###!!!
  • Mobile Versions very Limited

    I have Windows PCs (and Office 2013), but also a couple IOS devices, and an Android phone. I had been using Evernote, but tried to use OneNote. I converted my notebooks from EN with Ever2One.

    But I find the IOS and Android versions of ON to be very limited. For instance, they cannot read encrypted (protected) notes, nor can they create them. Impossible, in fact, to create a new Notebook in either mobile version.

    Perhaps Windows Phones and RT have a full version of ON, and maybe Microsoft thinks it will sell more Windows phones and tablets that way. Nonsense. No one is going to change phones or tablet platforms just for OneNote. Instead, without a viable simple free client for the mobile OSes that has all features, people will just not use OneNote.

    I am going right back to Evernote, which works with all features on all platforms.
    beau parisi