OnStar providing 4G LTE data in GM cars starting next month

OnStar providing 4G LTE data in GM cars starting next month

Summary: More and more people are using tablets, smartphones, laptops, and devices while traveling as passengers in vehicles and the new generation of GM vehicles is being powered by OnStar.

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(Image: GM)

My smartphone has LTE and sometimes I use it as a mobile hotspot for people in my car, but starting next month OnStar will be providing 4G LTE service in the 2015 Chevrolet Malibu, with more than 30 other GM vehicles supporting the technology by the end of 2014.

The OnStar 4G LTE and WiFi hardware will come as standard equipment, while service plans will vary just like any other wireless data plan. The service will launch initially with a three month or 3 GB trial period, whichever comes first. You can see the data plan prices in the following tables, with price differences for the data allotments and whether or not a person is an OnStar advisor-based subscriber.

(Image: GM)

4G LTE data service is provided by AT&T so if you are an AT&T subscriber then you can add your new GM vehicle to a mobile share plan for just $10 per month. According to the AT&T data usage calculation, 200 megabytes of data allows you to to stream more than 6.5 hours of music, surf the internet for 13 hours or send more than 10,000 emails without attachments.

Topics: Mobility, AT&T

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  • Typical of ignoring reality...

    It's great that folks with wifi only devices will be able to surf the web in a Chevy, but as is typical with ATT, you can't stream videos with the small amount of data offered. So, you're going to grandmas and he kids want to watch a movie? You can't do it for long without eating up your data. It's another On Star promotion with not enough umph.