Open-source projects that deserve your cash

Open-source projects that deserve your cash

Summary: Many open-source projects depend on people donating their time, but in a number of cases financial gifts wouldn't go amiss either, says Jack Wallen


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  • GnuCash

    6. GnuCash
    If Lemon POS could be integrated into GnuCash, the open-source community would have a particularly potent product for small to medium businesses. But even as a stand-alone application, GnuCash offers those businesses some serious financial management power.

    It is a strong contender in double-entry accounting and offers significant reporting power, as well as multiple accounts and account types. GnuCash is cross-platform and constantly growing and evolving.

    Image credit: GnuCash

  • Audacity

    7. Audacity
    This is my pick of the bunch in multimedia software. Audacity is outstanding at recording and editing sound files, but it does so with the flexibility and reliability of programs that are often far beyond the budget of the average consumer.

    I use this tool every week to record my Zombie Radio podcast, and I can't imagine being able to make such professional-quality recordings without it. Audacity is cross-platform — it runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, among others — and can record live audio, edit audio, import, export, and add effects.

    Image credit: Audacity

  • Clonezilla

    8. Clonezilla
    If you're looking for a cloning tool, Clonezilla is a strong candidate. It allows for bare-metal backup and recovery and resembles Norton Ghost and Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition. Clonezilla offers the best features of those packages for free. It provides cost-effective, bare-metal recovery.

    Image credit: Clonezilla

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