Open thread: What do you want to see on ZDNet?

Open thread: What do you want to see on ZDNet?

Summary: It's been a little while since we asked. Tell us how to make this publication more essential.

TOPICS: Web development

It's Friday, which means we can let our hair down a little and get...what was it? Oh yes, casual.

Really, though: we're always looking to make improvements, and it's been a little while since we've asked.

How can we make ZDNet a better read?

What would make us essential for technology professionals like yourself?

Let us know in the comments.

Illustration: The Oatmeal, of course.

Topic: Web development

Andrew Nusca

About Andrew Nusca

Andrew Nusca is a former writer-editor for ZDNet and contributor to CNET. During his tenure, he was the editor of SmartPlanet, ZDNet's sister site about innovation.

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    no more clickbait articles full of fluff
    • I hear you, but give me some examples.

      What's "fluff" to you? What isn't?

      It will help us if we know what you *do* like.
      • Serious question

        Do you honestly not acknowledge that there are a lot of clickbait articles with 0 content published by a handful of authors on ZDNet? It would be one thing to say "these authors who post stupid articles make ZDNet a lot of money with page views", that I could understand. It is another to suggest that ZDNet doesn't endorse clickbait authors or that you would have trouble identifying clickbait articles.
        • You're missing the point, Todd.

          I'm asking you what you want and what you don't. I'm not defining (or denying) anything.

          If you want to help this community, help. If you want to howl at the moon, take it elsewhere.
          • Thanks for the response Andrew

            I believe I have tried to help by specifying what I want and don't want.

            More bloggers like Ed Bott, MJF, JA Watson, and Matthew Miller.

            Fewer bloggers like, well, I won't list them again, I've done so elsewhere.
          • Community?

            >>If you want to help this community, help.
            >>If you want to howl at the moon, take it

            ZDNet is NOT a community. You're a commercial publication owned by CBS, a huge corporation.

            You're about making money, NOT building a community - which explains your attitude to "Todd" to take it elsewhere. I am not supporting Todd's views (for starters, I don't like Ed Bott - too fawning towards corporate executives, especially Microsoft's), merely his right to speak - he's NOT your employee!

            Some people will be specific in their criticism of ZDNet; some won't. That's just the way people are! Why not do a survey, asking readers what their favorite sections/authors are and what they specifically dislike about this site.

            If this were really a community, you'd share ZDNet's profits with us - or, at least, invest the earnings in something we want - NOT steal the money for yourselves - money that we help you generate!

            As ZDNet treats its readers like infants, we may as well act like infants. My contribution to this "community debate" is:

            Fake and gay! >:(
          • Wrong-o.

            Listen up, Mike: We *want* ZDNet to be a community. If it's not, then we need to work harder. Who our corporate daddy is doesn't change the fact that it's the same small crew that works on this site every day.

            Is Reddit a community? Sure is -- and it's owned by a massive New York media company called Conde Nast.

            Is TechCrunch a community? Yep -- and it's owned by AOL.

            I could go on, obviously.

            Point here is that all publications need to make money because that's what keeps the lights on. There's nothing wrong with that.

            My comment to Todd was in response to a somewhat off-topic personal attack ("Do you not understand?!?!"). I think everyone here would agree that ZDNet is no place for that. Thus, my advice to take it elsewhere.

            If you want change, be specific. If you just want to feel better by complaining, don't. But then don't be surprised if nothing changes. (Because we won't know what the hell you're talking about.)

            Bottom line: This is intended to be a positive exercise. Let's keep it that way.

            P.S. "Steal the money for yourselves" -- you're kidding, right?

            P.P.S. If you're going to use the word "gay" as an insult, you're on the fast track to bantown. And being an asshat.
          • toddytroll wants a Micro$oft kissy ass website

            When he can use his real name and shill for Micro$oft promoting his own career/agenda without being questioned back.

            He might as well go to a closed forum and do that. Listen to himself talk about himself.
        • More news and anaylsis

          less obvious clickbating.

          SJVN is great, when he writes on topic about things he knows about. But those articles are few and far between in recent times. He seems to spend all of his energy trying to bad mouth Microsoft and other established companies, but his arguments are hollow, if at all factual. He just comes over as a laughing stock.

          He is the most obvious example, but there are several like him. They just rant about companies / products they don't like, misrepresenting facts and looking like idiots. Trying to pick out the wheat from the chaff is difficult and I don't bother reading their articles very often these days, which is a shame, because when they do write on topic, they can produce some excellent stuff.
      • since you asked

        Make SJVN to not write about Windows or anything that he lacks knowledge of. He showed his tiny many times while commenting about Windows or iOS. This gets me to think that he doesn't about Linux too, because he writes very little about it even though he claims he has extensive knowledge into that. All his posts on his personal issues with Microsoft and Apple are nothing but click bait articles. Slap him everytime he writes about those and ask him not to write for "Between the lines" section of the blogs. Because he is not capable of reading between the lines. All he talks is nothing but silly or just post a disclaimer that he gets his pay check from Google to write stupid content and click bait articles about competing technologies. That way it will be easy for new comers to ZDNet, if there are any.
        Ram U
  • Image Gallery from this century

    • Could you elaborate?

      I don't understand.
      • Image gallery

        The gallery presented as a slideshow, with no refreshes of the entire webpage as we go through the images. Think it has been found in cnet already.
        • OK, so you're frustrated...

          ...that you have to refresh the whole page in a slideshow, yes? Is that it?

          (Folks, we can't help you if you're not specific.)
          • Only just picked up on this?

            There have been plenty of comments over the last month or so about the frustration when trying to view the terrible slideshows used on this site? Are you saying none of them have ever made it back to zdnet admin?

            To clarify, what's the point of a comparative article when you need to change page and refresh each time to see the image you're meant to be comparing against? For some of us it's actually headache inducing to watch the page go up, then down, then flash, then up, then down, then flash and then you need to scroll up to cancel the page obscuring advert.
            Little Old Man
          • Galleries Are Dinosaur Plus More Grief Points

            1)Well said, all that extra clicking and loading, scrolling to adjust up/down, but the worst is I have to click back, let each page load one by one to the Home Page when I'm thro'. Load the Article Content inline.
            2)Spam Detector is maddening. It's insulting and broken from the getgo.
            3)How many time does a Page of Posts have the identical number of votes. Like 8 or 11. Then when you Vote it actually registers correctly on that Post only that you Vote for. Or, too often lately Voting doesn't even work.
            4)Have an actual Vote/Thumbs down button. Leave Fagging for real Spam or Obscenity, etc.
            5)And please add an Edit feature.
            6))The worst since the Major EyeCandy Revamp is when I load more Articles to read. When I go Back, it never takes me Back to my place, but only to the 1st set of articles.. I have to scroll and load all the way down, and look for where I was. I tend to skip it now. too much hassle/effort.
            7)Worst of all, no Contact for Feedback on these longstanding egregious issues.
            Thank you for this opportunity to vent my spleen. I hope to have done that in an articulate and constructive manner.
        • Or just one page

          The amount of content is not so overwhelming, I would just like to have it in one page. I think that I have seen this as an option but I would much prefer it to be the default. It is less hassle and can be scan read.
  • My suggestions

    Move to a respected 3rd party comment system. Allows you to leverage mobile apps that work.

    More stories from talented authors like Ed Bott, Matthew Miller, MJF, and JA Watson.

    Get rid of the tabloid quality authors like James Kendrick, Matt Baxter-Reynolds, AKH, and SJVN. They give ZDNet a bad name.

    As already mentioned, improved slideshows.

    Better forum moderation. ye proved how ridiculous it is that profanity filled posts make it through filters but completely fine posts so not.
    • Things that make you go hmmmm.

      I see a common denominator here. Your quote on quote "talented authors" for the most part report "MS" products only. Yet the more rounded authors such as JK,MBR,AKH,SJVN report on multiple things tech. So you seem to be a very 1 trick pony.
      • I wouldn't go so far

        As to say SJVN is well rounded. He has two messages. A. Microsoft sucks B. Open Source rocks.

        I can count on one hand the amount of articles that doesn't fit into one of those two. Heck, he even combines the two. Barely an article goes by when he isn't saying how much Microsoft and their products suck.
        Michael Alan Goff