OpenBSD 4.6: Photo gallery

OpenBSD 4.6: Photo gallery

Summary: If you want security coupled with flexibility and some good old-fashioned command line action in your UNIX of choice, look no further than OpenBSD.

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  • Upon booting from the installation disc, the user is presented with this very spartan installer.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

  • There is no need to fear the graphics-free installer. As can be seen above, the questions are very simple and often it is merely a case of hitting enter and going with the default option.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

Topic: Open Source


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  • PC-BSD 8 loooks a lot better

    I tested PC-BSD 8 Alpha recently and it looks a lot better than OpenBSD. It's also much more user friendly, has vary nice packaging system. I think when PC-BSD 8 comes out it will be by far the best BSD for desktop use.
  • Good for you anon.

    Next time I'm looking for an OpenBSD replacement that 'looks better' I will be sure to give PC-BSD a go.

    Interestingly enough I have found Open to be the most simple, reliable and user friendly *nix I've ever used. The install is simple, the package manager is a breeze and the ports are comprehensive.