OpTier Announces BDA - big data analytics for transactional systems

OpTier Announces BDA - big data analytics for transactional systems

Summary: Big Data is an exciting catch phrase and suppliers of all types of software are trying to link their products to this concept. OpTier lauches BDA hoping to tie industry interest in Big Data to its application performance management products by adding real-time analysis of in-context transaction system operational data.

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OpTier recently announced, OpTier BDA an addition to its Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM) product. The goal is tying Big Data analytics to the company's application performance management (APM) product to make it easy for customers to capture and analyize real-time operational data from transactional systems.

OpTier makes the point that the time and costs associated with wading through the operational data produced by large transaction oriented applications can be overwhelming. So, many don't take the time to truly understand how their systems are performing and only focus on that task when something has gone wrong.

OpTier has developed a tool that will make data preparation phase of analytics, that is data cleansing, normalizing and inferring data relationships, much easier through the use of statistical modeling. This, the company hopes will make the real-time capture of this operational data easy enough that companies will be able to take the time to really understand what is happening.

Many of OpTier's competitors are doing something similar, but haven't invoked the "Big Data" catch phrase to describe what they're doing. Is OpTier's approach better that what its competitors are offering? I'd recommend compairing your company's own business requirements to what OpTier and its competitors are offering before making a decision.

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