Optus, Qantas partnership launch: photos

Optus, Qantas partnership launch: photos

Summary: Qantas and Optus today announced the details behind their new Frequent Flyer partnership, while unveiling their new, Optus-branded Qantas 737 aircraft.


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  • (Credit: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia)

    The decal encircles both sides of the plane, complete with the official partnership logo on the flanks of the aircraft.

  • (Credit: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia)

    New broadsheet ads were also revealed at the launch, as well as a new television advertising campaign set to go live on Saturday.

  • (Credit: Luke Hopewell/ZDNet Australia)

    Head of Qantas Frequent Flyer, Simon Hickey, said that customers could expect to get two frequent flyer points for every dollar spent on Qantas. Points can be spent on flights or products from the online Qantas Frequent Flyer store.

    Hickey told the attendees of the recent improvements that had gone into the Frequent Flyer program and promised more innovation in the program in the future.

    "We're committed to continually enhancing the program to provide as many opportunities as possible for our members to earn points and redeem them," Hickey said.

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