Optus releases trial NBN pricing plans

Optus releases trial NBN pricing plans

Summary: After lengthy negotiations with the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co), Optus has today announced its pricing for trial services on the NBN, starting at $59.99 per month standalone.

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After lengthy negotiations with the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co), Optus has today announced its pricing for trial services on the NBN, starting at $59.99 per month standalone.


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On the basic 12 megabits per second (Mbps) download, 1Mbps upload service, a Naked $59.99 plan comes with 120GB of downloads per month. For $79.99 per month, users get 500GB of downloads per month. For people who want the faster speeds that the NBN can offer, Optus has included speed packs costing up to $20 extra per month, which will provide the full 100Mbps download, 40Mbps upload.

Optus had been holding out on releasing pricing, as negotiations were still underway over the wholesale broadband agreement between NBN Co and retail service providers (RSPs). Outgoing Optus director of government and corporate affairs Maha Krishnapillai told a parliamentary inquiry last month that the telco had wanted to confirm the agreement before releasing pricing.

"Once we have agreement on those terms and conditions, that will enable us to put out retailed pricing," he said. "Our view is, we are better off waiting until there is a little bit more clarity."

Optus told ZDNet Australia that although the company is still negotiating on the commercial wholesale broadband agreements, changes made by NBN Co recently move the company one step closer. The plans are on a month-to-month-contract basis for now, meaning that customers will not be locked in while negotiations for the agreement are still underway.

For customers in the NBN trial sites, Optus is also offering bundled plans, bundling the 12/1 Naked plan with a mobile for $39.95 per month, and its home phone with 25/5 broadband plans, such as a 1TB download plan for $129 per month.

Customers who sign up will also get free installation of a free "NBN Wi-Fi gateway" to set up the services, and Optus plans to include its Optus MeTV FetchTV service by the end of the year.

Optus consumer fixed director Anthony Shiner said in a statement that more plans, including small- to medium-business plans will be announced early next year.

"As the NBN roll-out progresses, we'll release a greater range of plans, as well as more exciting broadband bundles that combine the latest Optus digital products, such as Optus MeTV to help customers stay better connected and entertained."

Optus' pricing is relatively on par with that announced in September by iiNet, although iiNet's 1TB plan at the highest speed, including a phone service, comes in cheaper at $109.95.

Optus is the fourth telco to announce its trial NBN pricing plans, with all eyes on Telstra, which told ZDNet Australia that it did not plan to announce its pricing before the signing of the wholesale broadband agreement.

Topics: NBN, Broadband, Telcos, Optus


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  • Oh joy! oh bliss! - now for only $60.00 per month I'll be able to drop my ADSL2 service 7.1 Mbs/15Gb download at $29.95 per month. Now I see the huge amount I'll be saving - not only do I get an extra 5Mbs (which I do not need) and I'll get an extra 100 Gb of downloads (which I also do not need). At last I feel totally future proofed but I must confess a small disappointment at not being offered 6 steak knives to sign up.

    BTW I should add that in the last 12 months with Amnet my ISP my average monthly download has been 2 Gb.

    I hope you lot are happy because I'm seriously pi**ed off.
    • Come on Breanab, lets compare apples with apples here. You pay $29.95 for your ADSL2 service. You would need a phone line to get it, so I'm guessing you pay about $30 for that. So your REALLY paying $60 for your internet.

      How DARE Optus offer you a better product, than you are currently getting (or need), for the same price as you are currently paying. Or even, go with iinet and pay $49.95 for 10GB, if that is all you need. $10 saving per month?? How DARE they?

      And to top it off, I bet they will make you use VoIP and reduce your phone bill (if you use your landline for calls). Terrible. [/sarcasm]

      Remind me why your pi**ed off again?

      Sorry, the constant comparisons by people, who compare the ISP only component of their internet costs against a bundled NBN services, drives me up the walls. All it does is puts misinformation out there and misleads the public. If you want to debate the merits of the NBN, go for it. If you want to argue you will be better/worse off under the NBN, do that to. Just compare apples with apples!
      • Brianab* Apologies for incorrectly typing your name
      • I think Brianab is pi**ed of because he considers he will still need a phone line and therefore he will still be paying for that. Yes I do know what naked DSL is although the bundled plans a way more expensive than I am paying with a telstra line and tpg broadband and I get 500GB download.
        • No... Brian has repeated in parrot fashion here for us all, all of the Turnbull/Jones/Bolt/ BS, and we know where he is coming from...what about you?
    • Of course you are, have been and will always be pi**ed off Brian.

      Because you have been an outspoken NBN critic (posting far right drivel) from day one and you are a self confessed Liberal party member... so what do they say about old dogs and new tricks?

      I haven't even bothered looking at your figures, but assume you haven't included your additional current line rental in your comparison and are also comparing apples with oranges elsewhere. For example comparing Amnet with Optus - wouldn't it be best for you to wait and compare Amnet ADSL with Amnet NBN plans, for an actual comparison? Sure compare the two companies with each other (and others) when purchasing like products to obtain the best deal, but comparing Amnet ADSL to Optus NBN...LOL!

      But below you show your true tainted colours...

      By criticising the NBN about extra speed and 100Gb downloads which "you don't need" then raving about Amnet increasing your speeds and downloads... did Amnet also offer you 6 steak knives...rolls eyes at the hypocrisy!

      Funny the people here (who aren't actually Liberal or Labor party puppets) seem to be doing apples/apples (Optus/Optus) comparisons and finding Optus NBN better (or at least comparable) to Optus ADSL, but NBN is a superior product...


      Time to crawl back under your 1950's rock luddite and watch out for those reds...!
    • Strange I was not aware that the entire thrust of national policy was intended to meet your needs and nobody else's. For every one of you there will be countless Australians who are delighted to be able to keep up with the development of online technologies at a reasonable (i.e. workable) pace. When I consider the benefits of the NBN, unlike you I do not immediately and entirely selfishly think about myself, but try to put myself in the shoes of people who have urgent need of such excellent services, and whose lives may well be improved by them. Good luck in your self-absorbed whining.

    just opened this email from Amnet:

    At Amnet, we’re about Great Value and Great Service. We’re delivering the Great Service which was recently recognised Number 1 for Pricing, in the recent Australian Broadband Survey.

    Now, here comes the Great Value.
    We’ve just increased your Internet Quota for FREE.

    You will now be receiving 100 GB in your monthly quota allocation, with 40 GB peak and 60 GB offpeak.

    And we have still continued our value-added benefits of

    — Off-peak weekends, the whole weekend
    — Not counting uploads
    — Local 200% Peering Bonus quota

    With these benefits and even more quota for your dollar, we’re thrilled to be delivering you more value for your Internet.

    So, your increase quota has been already applied. We’ve taken care of it. You don’t need to do a thing.

    We hope you enjoy using your new allowance – it’s our way of saying thanks for being a loyal Amnet customer. If you have any queries related to your service, please call us on 1300 88 22 32. And don't forget to 'Like' our Facebook page for news and competitions.

    The Amnet Team

    All for $29.95 per month - I can't wait to change over to a fibre service
    • 100gb just wow, that is amazing. What the hell do you need that much data allowance for? You said "100 Gb of downloads (which I also do not need)" in your last comment so what made you change your mind all of the sudden? Because ADSL2+ is $29.95? Funny that. Remember when dialup was expensive and now those plans are at rock bottom prices? Why do you think that is and why do you think in time your ADSL2+ will be at rock bottom prices too? Hint: progress.

      btw since you only need 2gb of data a month aren’t you a bit **** off at having to pay for 100gb when 98gb will be going to waste? If I were you I’d be complaining to Amnet and asking for a that old 15gb plan for $5.
      Hubert Cumberdale
    • I really feal you Brianab. Despite your objection to a national broadband network it is being rolled out anyway (and there is just under two years until the next election). Not only that, from the latest news poll it looks as though your prefered political party is losing momentum. Shame. Maybe now would be a good time to review your previous, extreme comments and give your life a good rethink? There are more important things to worry about than broadband, especially when you are only using 2 GB a month???
  • Hey HC,

    Here's one for you to have a play with alain...in case you missed it.

    FYI - RLM has another sh***y on with me 'again', over yonder, for embarrassing his anti-NBN trolls 'again', because I 'again' used their own contradictory lies against them... ROFL. Anyway...


    Gee fancy a Telco Consultant suggesting if the Opposition win the 2013 election we will have a half built (patchwork) network...LOL!
  • I have no problem with the NBN except it will cost me more for less. So long as I can stay with my current ISP with 20mb/s and 500GB download for $49.95 / month I will remain happy. If I am forced against my will to pay more and get less, I will be decidedly unhappy.
    • "my current ISP with 20mb/s"

      Speedtest.net or it didn't happen.
      Hubert Cumberdale
    • Part of the problem here Ivanho, and what I think HC will be getting at, is that with current broadband connections, the listed speed is "up to" whatever they state.

      By the sounds of it, you're with TPG - the numbers sound similar to one of their most popular plans. They state 24 mb/s speeds, 500 Gb download, etc etc. I'm on that plan myself.

      Catch is, I only connect at 6 mb/s, not the 24 mb/s speed they claim. They toss in the usual disclaimers about distance etc etc, but being about 600m from the exchange, I should definitely be closer to that 24 mb/s speed than what I am. End of the day, being an "up to" technology, ADSL 2 is never going to deliver what is claimed.

      On the flipside, and again what HC will be getting at, is that the NBN is intended to be an "at least" connection - the ISP's have to give you what you sign up for. So if you sign on to a 24 mb/s speed, you should be getting 24 mb/s speed. Not a portion of that.
  • Once again a quick reminder to another who thinks the universe revolves around him, that the first N in NBN = national.

    It isn't the IBN...