Optus signs NBN Co contract

Optus signs NBN Co contract

Summary: Optus has become the 25th internet service provider (ISP) to sign a contract with NBN Co to provide services on the network, ending weeks of stand-off over issues with liability and oversight.

TOPICS: NBN, Broadband, Telcos, Optus

Optus has become the 25th internet service provider (ISP) to sign a contract with NBN Co to provide services on the network, ending weeks of stand-off over issues with liability and oversight.

The wholesale-broadband agreement sets out the access arrangements and conditions for an ISP to offer services on the National Broadband Network (NBN). NBN Co had published a number of drafts last year after consultation with industry, before publishing a final document in November. Optus had held out on signing the agreement, however, because there were concerns about disallowing regulatory oversight, and NBN Co accepting no liability for customer-service guarantees, negligence or network outages.

The company confirmed today that it had now signed on the dotted line, but said it would remain in discussion over a number of points it was still concerned about.

"Optus will continue to engage in constructive dialogue with NBN Co to ensure that outstanding concerns such as regulatory oversight and service assurance levels are adequately addressed in any future long-term version of the WBA [Wholesale Broadband Agreement]," Optus said in a statement.

Optus joins 24 other ISPs that have now signed the document, including ISPOne, Primus, iiNet and Internode. The latter two companies were most vocal about their issues with the final agreement, and secured a number of last-minute concessions from NBN Co last week to get the agreement across the line.

Arguably NBN Co's biggest customer — Telstra — has yet to confirm that it has signed the WBA. ZDNet Australia sought confirmation this morning, but had not received a response at the time of publication.

Topics: NBN, Broadband, Telcos, Optus


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  • Wait... wasn't this all supposed to be Chicken Little style disaster? Where's your journalistic "objectivity", Josh (News Ltd style) which demands that all routine negotiations be portrayed as calamitous failings on the part of a Labor Government for failing to meet every whim of the telcos? Strewth, mate!
  • Lol Gwyn...

    Yes 25 RSP's now... the sky hasn'e fallen after all... how about that.

    The oh me oh my brigade were telling us competition would be decimated!

    So tell that tale to those who currently only have the choice of 3 ISPs' those 3 of course being Telstra, Telstra and umm, Telstra!
  • More bad news for the Turnbull/patchwork plan apologists. Surely they must be realising by now that what they are up against is the inevitable progression to fibre. With most ISPs on board now you'd be crazy (or Tony Abbott) to stop it just as it gains even more momentum.

    btw beta speaking of Turnbull/patchwork plan apologists did you notice your favorite one was banned for a week over at Delimiter. I guess this means anything he says from now is no longer valid lol :-)
    Hubert Cumberdale
    • Indeed... HC

      Another step forward for the NBN and kick in the guts for the 1950's dwellers.

      Also, I didn't want to mention our "friend" (and I say friend with complete insincerity and the contempt he deserves) because I always bear the brunt of most of his crap when he has nowhere else to turn.

      You know, ask him a to elaborate upon his stupid comments, he ignores. Ask him again, he makes another nonsensical remark. Ask again and he resorts to the , you're the banned guy and you are inconsequential, escape route...

      Well now he's the inconsequential banned guy, "gold"... mission accomplished...LOL!

      You know I am certain he was put on this earth for one purpose and one purpose only. To ensure man kind knew that the words "pen" and "is" simply had to be joined together ;-)
      • You really have to wonder about the mental state of someone so vehemently opposed to the NBN though, I mean in a hypothetical situation where the NBN is cancelled (which is still a possibility I guess) can you imagine anyone in favour of it acting so irrational? Unfortunately we are dealing with someone here unable to accept the way the cards were dealt having an extended hissy fit, even over the holiday period he was there 24/7 whining… you know what, when (if) he comes back I bet in those same situations he'll just make the excuse that he was only banned once and you were banned multiple times.
        Hubert Cumberdale
  • Of course he will.

    So please remind him for me, that he was banned and remind him regularly, as I have no need to return (at this stage anyway - as I said mission accomplished)...LOL

    Thing is, funny how he got away with it for as long as he did. I only went after him and two others, because frankly, they talk absolute politically motivated (and in 2 cases also Telstra motivated) rubbish and I got in strife for it. Whereas those 3, more impolitely, go after everyone who disagrees with their far right BS and get (well got...) away with it.

    I simply pointed his irrational contradictions - amongst many, saying such things as, the NBN will succeed that's what monopolies do, then one week later saying it will fail. Or saying no one uses HFC (so as it's the most similar to fibre) no one will use the NBN, then saying the gov. have to shut down enterprising competitors like HFC for the NBN to succeed... huh?

    But apart from before roads there were roads (still easily the most stupidly obvious comment ever...) I think his "forced" comments are the best, lately. We are being forced from copper to fibre. But he won't accept we were forced from analog to digital wireless (and currently TV), dirt to bitumen roads and even onto copper in the first place... it's known as technology and progression. Nah, forced...dear oh dear.

    The mental state indeed.

    But he'll be welcomed back after his stint - RLM had to do something to save face, so he had to go for a short while. Because notice the comments have gone from hundreds to a handful since his banishment. So I guess whereas NBN supporters like me are "expendable", RLM needs a bad guy or two, more so, to simply stir up the emotions in the humans, just like the WWE...LOL
  • Yes well I was banned once too (then twice...LOL) for doing exactly what he does to everyone, back to him, but unlike him, using proof...go figure!

    I think (looking at the comments going from hundreds to only a handful) RLM needs a bad guy or two, just like the WWE...ROFL!
  • Now the first comment posts...!
  • Looks like a few more were banned recently (a couple of other usual suspects seem to be MIA too).


    Seems I'm not so special after all, LOL