Oracle in talks to buy Micros Systems for more than $5 billion

Oracle in talks to buy Micros Systems for more than $5 billion

Summary: According to reports, the enterprise software giant is close to finalizing the acquisition, which would be its largest since the $5.7 billion takeover of Sun Microsystems.


Oracle may be nearing a deal topping $5 billion to purchase hospitality software maker Micros Systems, according to a report from Bloomberg

If speculation of the purchase price is correct, this would be Oracle's largest acquisition since it bought out Sun Microsystems for $5.7 billion in 2009.

The deal would represent Oracle's continued cloud push and is in line with the enterprise software giant's cloud strategy so far: acquire as much as it can to try and get ahead. As pointed out by Bloomberg, over the last decade Oracle has spent more than $50 billion acquiring some 100 companies.

Although Oracle has been late to the cloud game, CEO Larry Ellison has ramped up efforts to compete with cloud-computing competitors, especially since his company has reported continuous fiscal quarters with disappointing revenue. 

Ellison said at a CloudWorld event in January that cloud computing gives the company "a lot of new market to pursue," and that internally it has been increasing its sales force to accommodate its current customers and companies to pursue.

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  • Patents?

    They are probably buying some patents so they can sue someone else.
  • "Buy as much as it can to try to get ahead"

    More often than not, that's a way to artificially inflate the numbers and disguise a stagnant core business. I'd be very cautious about buying Oracle stock.

    At the very least, serial acquisition by a tech firm is a vote of no confidence in the R&D types it already has.
    John L. Ries
  • The Ellison way

    Growth through acquisition
    now witness the integration horror that is Oracle
  • Oracle's failed cloud strategy

    If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em, that’s Oracle’s cloud strategy. Except that Larry Ellison doesn’t even know what company to buy – or is running out of options. Micros is both a hardware and (mainly) on-premise software maker, so how on earth is that going to benefit Oracle’s cloud business ? Oracle has failed utterly at developing its own cloud product : it has spent billions in R&D on Fusion and nobody wants to buy it. Sun was another dud, since when customers decide to move to the cloud, they stop buying servers, so that was another useless acquisition.

    To understand all that goes on behind the scenes of an Oracle acquisition, I cannot recommend enough an excellent book, "High-tech planet" written by a former Oracle executive. It is a funny, terrific and insightful account ofwhat hides behind headlines-grabbing M&As by Oracle. It is a no-holds-barred description of the business culture that allows incompetence, insider trading, outlandish revenue projections, back-stabbing managers, and product roadmaps, destroy the value of a corporate acquisition.

    The first few chapters can be sampled for free on Amazon