Oracle OpenWorld 2009: Photo gallery

Oracle OpenWorld 2009: Photo gallery

Summary: There are large conferences, and then there is Oracle OpenWorld. A mega-conference that sees over 40,000 attendees descend on San Francisco.


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  • Attendees stream into the opening keynote.

    (Crowds stream into the opening keynote image by Oracle Corporate Communications, CC2.0)

  • Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell takes to the stage.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

  • Dell joined Salesforce CEO and chairman Marc Benioff on-stage later in the day.

    When Benioff takes to the stage, you know that you are about to hear the gospel on cloud computing and all things Benioff.

    The CEO did say that cloud computing was the democratisation of technology as each customer will have the same service — an interesting idea to think about, and presumably not Athenian-style democracy.

    During Benioff's presentation, he demonstrated Service Cloud 2 — a product for customer service and call centre type tasks (which Benioff says is the fastest growing product in the company's software portfolio) — and its interactions with Facebook and Twitter.

    The demonstration showed how knowledge base articles, which are typically used to solve customer problems, can be crowd-sourced from discussions occurring on company Facebook fan pages and then appear on the company support website as well as helping people via Twitter. All these actions occurred from within the Salesforce software.

    According to Benioff, the motivation for this was that few people call support centres as everyone else simply heads to Google to look for help or asks peers on Facebook and Twitter.

    (Credit: Chris Duckett/

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