Oracle told to slim down patent claims against Google

Oracle told to slim down patent claims against Google

Summary: A US district court judge has told Oracle to narrow the number of patent infringement claims it has lodged against Google, saying they must be reduced to a 'triable number'

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A US district judge has told Oracle to narrow its Android patent claims against Google to a "triable number".

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In an order on Tuesday, US district judge William Alsup wrote: "Currently, there are 132 claims from seven patents asserted in this action, and there are hundreds of prior art references in play for invalidity defences. This is too much." Alsup, who is trying to outline a schedule for the trial currently slated for October, said there should be only three claims and eight prior art references placed before the jury.

"Oracle will surrender all of its present infringement claims against Google based on the 129 asserted claims that will not be tried," the judge added. "Oracle may not renew those infringement claims in a subsequent action except as to new products." Oracle first sued Google over its use of Java in Android in August.

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Topics: Legal, Piracy

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