Oracle's case against Google in pictures

Oracle's case against Google in pictures

Summary: A selection of slides from Oracle's 91-page presentation to court, designed to push its claim that Google needs to pay it billions of dollars for using Java technology in Android

TOPICS: Legal, Piracy

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  • Oracle-Google suit: What Google said before the lawsuit

    Oracle's suit against Google over unauthorised use of Java code in Android has finally reached court, in a trial that could ultimately determine whether programming languages can be copyrighted.

    The dispute centres on whether Google's mobile OS infringes on copyright and patents related to Java, which Oracle picked up in its purchase of Sun. In particular, it will hinge on whether a licence is needed for the use of the programming language in the software development kit for the Android software stack and on Android's use of the Dalvik virtual machine, which supports Java-scripted apps.

    On Tuesday, Oracle delivered a 91-page slide presentation outlining its main arguments as the case got under way. This is a selection of the slides, which cover emails and quotes from Google executives to support Oracle's contention that the company deliberately ignored or tried to get around Java's licence requirements.

    Source: Oracle

  • Oracle-Google suit: What we will prove

    Oracle hopes to convince Judge William Alsup of six key points, which underpin its argument that Google is profiting from the use of Java technology that it should be paying for.

    Source: Oracle

Topics: Legal, Piracy

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