Oracle's Hurd: World is 'drowning in data,' warns of overload

Oracle's Hurd: World is 'drowning in data,' warns of overload

Summary: Oracle president Mark Hurd has warned that the growing number of smartphones, tablets and other devices are adding to the ever-growing pool of data, and businesses are struggling to cope with it.


With the next James Bond film only around the corner, perhaps the British spy will next focus on tackling the world's latest problem: it's drowning in data. 

According to Oracle president Mark Hurd, the number of devices supplying data back to businesses and enterprises will boom to 50 billion by the end of the decade.

Hurd told The Times of London (paywalled): "Data is growing exponentially -- in some cases, by 35 to 40 per cent a year. This is causing big problems for our customers and tremendous economic pressure. Most of our customers are trying to innovate while cutting costs."

Hurd said that the world was "drowning" in vast amounts of data -- which has grown eightfold in the past seven years -- and companies are running out of space to store it all. With more than nine billion existing devices connected to the Internet, end businesses are struggling to cope with storing the vast amounts of data they collect. 

Not only will the capacity for storage need to increase, he warned of a growing concern is the ability to store such vast amounts of data securely. Another growing problem is the ability to process the vast amount of data through data process or real-time analytics. 

This comes as Oracle recently hired 3,000 more sales staff to its already booming 60,000 global employee pool as the firm continues to push its own cloud computing services to the enterprise, reports The Telegraph.

Hurd also said it was "laughable" that the competition was gaining traction on Oracle.

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  • Just maybe

    ....they shouldn't be wanting to store every little tid-bit about us? It's really hard to have sympathy for the corporate/government spies.
  • I have the solution

    "struggling to cope with storing the vast amounts of data they collect"

    Stop collecting :-)

    As for Youtube/Facebook: I have never uploaded a single picture or video - by choice.
  • there are only 7 billion people on planet Earth

    including newborn babies, and we already have 9 billion connected devices.
  • Sales pitch

    I'm sure Oracle will have a solution for this "problem" soon.

    Information overload is a real issue, but just like with any abundance, all it takes to deal with it is some self-discipline. As with money or food, there are problems associated with having too much, but it's still better than not having enough.
    John L. Ries
  • Drowning in data

    Stop collecting garbage.
  • I For One Welcome...

    ...our data-drowning overloads.