Organised crime 'will attack ID cards database'

Organised crime 'will attack ID cards database'

Summary: Massive identity theft from the Department of Work and Pensions is 'a terrible omen' for the national database of personal information

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Organised crime will try and crack the identity cards database — the National Identity Register (NIR) — the Liberal Democrats have warned.

Last year it was revealed that the identities of 13,000 civil servants had been stolen and used by criminals to make fake tax credit claims.

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, Nick Clegg, said the theft was a "terrible omen" for the forthcoming ID cards scheme.

Clegg said, if organised criminals are capable of infiltrating the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), "it is clear they will target the identity cards database, where the stakes are even higher."

Clegg said in a statement: "The government's claims that ID cards will cut identity fraud look increasingly unrealistic. If the ID cards database is breached, people could find their iris scans and fingerprints — as well as personal data and national insurance numbers — stolen."

He said the government must urgently review how the DWP thefts happened and whether it will be possible to secure the NIR against similar attacks.

Yesterday it was reported in The Times that more than 300,000 foreigners are given national insurance numbers every year with few checks on their status.

Topic: Government UK

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  • And due to the roundabout there is no accountability.
    Chip and Pin is fraud proof, well it was until the first machine was installed.
    All of the recent major criminals have been valid residents, so what exactly is the use of ID database?
    Banks are currently refusing to believe C&P victims, so we'll all end up locked up when the ID cards are in full swing. Unless we are politicians of course.
  • Who are they trting to hoodwink?
    No datbase on a system with out/in going connections can be made completely proofed agaist attack.
    If the stake are high enough the criminal fraternity will find the way in, and the data will pour out.
    Just make sure that any they have the minimum amout, if any, of you personal infomation on the database; or you will suffer the consequences.