OS X, iOS still making market share gains

OS X, iOS still making market share gains

Summary: According to Net Applications' browser and OS market share statistics, OS X is still making slow progress on Microsoft Windows, and the total iOS share is crushing Android and all the rest of the mobile OS pack.


In Net Applications' NetMarketShare statistics, Mac OS X (now called plain ol' OS X) share is 6.72 percent at the end of June, which is up 0.75 percent from the year ago period. The Windows share fell a bit, from 92.90 percent in June 2011 to 92.23 in the current month. It appears that the Mac share was due to Windows users switching to Macs.

Of course, the share figures inch up and down a bit based on various factors and upgrade cycles. Still, when I look back at June 2009, the balance was Mac 4.7 percent vs. Windows 93.36 percent. And in 2010, Mac share was 5.2 and Windows 93.83 percent.

These are all global shares, so changes are sometimes microscopic, like the times for winners and losers of Olympic track races. When we look at the Mac share in North America only, the current shares are Windows 85.59 percent vs. the Mac's 12.76 share. Now, that is amazing.

Still, the Mac share is a small slice of the pie. On the other hand in the Mobile/Tablet section, the total iOS platform, counting in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch keeps building on its majority share.

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The total iOS share is 65.27 percent, up from 53.04 a year ago — a huge jump by any measure. Android shares also climbed: from 15.98 percent a year ago to 19.73 this month. The big losers in the list were Java ME (from 20.57 to 10.22 — yikes!), Symbian (from 6.21 to 1.49 — ouch!), and BlackBerry (3.33 to 1.87 — terrible!).

The influence of the geographic area isn't as strong on the mobile platform statistics. In N.A., the total iOS share is 68.71, just a few points higher.

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  • It appears that the Mac share was due to Windows users switching to Macs?

    Where did you get that from?

    It couldn't be Mac owners also buying a Macbook Air, or anything,

    Thats's the great thing about statistics - you can claim anything you want with the same set of numbers, and have those numbers "support" you. ;)
    William Farrel
    • Why not....

      Microsoft, the Microsoft schills, zealots, and fanboys do it all the time. Just rea a few of your own posts for proof. Even when Microsoft's share goes down, you claim otherwise. Like the market share for Windows Mobile 6.x/7 went from 2.6% last year to 2.2% this year (globally), even thou they sold an additional 500,000 units.
      Jumpin Jack Flash
    • Nope!

      You forget that Windows users also buy notebooks in addition to their desktop. It likely cancels out the Air purchases by Mac desktop owners.
      • That's the thing

        "likely" is just a term we're using to support what we THINK happened. These statistics tell us one thing: Market share. There is no way to tell if the change was from people switching to Macs, or if Windows users switched to a different device altogether. Regardless, Windows relative market share dropped. I just wanted to point out that we can't necessarily extrapolate WHY it dropped from this data.
  • Slow and steady wins the race

    because OS X is the world's best OS
    • I wish

      I could vote that down 100 times. OSX is not even nearly the worlds best OS. If you were baiting, then you annoyed me sufficiently - well done :)
      • Windows is bad

        It looks like that you never used a Mac. ( I'm not meaning 10 minutes in a store ) If you did you will change your mind 100 times.
        After moving form PC to Mac and using it extensively I realised how bad an OS is Windows.
    • That depends on what you use it for,

      but the registry and fragmentation-prone NTFS are real downers on Microsoft's side.
  • no

    You forget that Windows users also buy notebooks in addition to their desktop.
  • UAstring in android

    I have worked on a lot of various android tablets over the last 8 months. One thing I noticed is that when the default browser is safari, the default User Agent String is almost always set to either 'Ipad' or 'Iphone' instead of Android or Desktop.

    I'm not sure how these statistics for this article are collected, but this might have an impact on those numbers. For better or worse.