OS X Mavericks adds single sign-on for LinkedIn

OS X Mavericks adds single sign-on for LinkedIn

Summary: Apple not out of the authentication game, although new Apple device updates ignore Touch ID


Apple certainly hasn't given up on easing the authentication burden for users, but they seem to be looking in other places to find a foothold.

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One place is in OS Mavericks, which the company is now offering as a free upgrade to Mac users. Among its host of 200+ features, the company said it would offer single sign-on to LinkedIn, much the same way they support Twitter and Facebook.

One foothold the company may have abandoned for now, however, is Touch ID.

The fingerprint biometric added to the latest iPhone did not make it into any iPad and MacBook editions discussed at yesterday's Apple media event.

My colleague Davi Braue wondered if the biometric authentication has been left at the iPhone alter, theorizing that hackers may have altered Apple's thinking.

While Apple did not go in-depth on the LinkedIn support, LinkedIn itself spoke up about it saying users sign-in once in OS X Mavericks and get access to Shared Links and Sharing in Safari, LinkedIn Notifications and third-party apps that connect to LinkedIn.

Using Apple's Photo Booth, users can update their profile picture.

Sachin Rekhi, a group product manager at LinkedIn, detailed other features in his blog post:

  • LinkedIn integration in Shared Links in Safari. Shared Links, which will work right in your Safari browser, makes it easy to keep up with interesting links that your LinkedIn Connections post. It also shows you links shared by LinkedIn Influencers you are following so you can stay up to date with great professional content..
  • LinkedIn integration throughout OS X Mavericks, including:
    • LinkedIn Notifications incorporated directly into Notification Center
    • Ability to “Share to LinkedIn” directly from Safari
    • Update your LinkedIn profile picture directly from the Photo Booth app on your Mac

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John Fontana is a journalist focusing on authentication, identity, privacy and security issues. Currently, he is the Identity Evangelist for strong authentication vendor Yubico, where he also blogs about industry issues and standards work, including the FIDO Alliance.

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