OS X Tip: Sharing your internet connection

OS X Tip: Sharing your internet connection

Summary: Here's how to share a single internet connection - perhaps from an ethernet data port - with all your other devices.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple

A simple trick to allow you to share an internet connection you're connected to with a Mac.

Handy if you're in a hotel with a single data port or a USB dongle.

Here's how to do it.

  • Click Settings > Sharing.
  • Choose the internet connection to share from the Share your connection from drop-down box.
  • Choose how to share it using the To computers using drop-down box.
  • If you choose to share it using wi-fi, you can configure the settings by clicking the Wi-Fi Options button.
  • To start the connection, click the On checkbox for Internet Sharing.

Topics: Mobility, Apple

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  • Why?

    This is just dumb, couldn't I just connect the other device to the WiFi? It isn't like there are any Macs with built-in GSM or LTE radios.
    • Not dumb for me

      I've got a USB 4G stick. Maybe you have no use for it, but don't presume that I don't. I for one am glad for the tip.
      • really?

        No I don't have a use for it because I have both a Bluetooth and WiFi hotspot in my phone.

        If it is any consolation, I think Windows Connection sharing is just as dumb.
        • There are instances where it can be useful...

          ... For example, my friend has a phone that he could only hack far enough to get WIRED tethering off of. When I had no signal and there was no other internet access available, he was able to connect his phone to the laptop, activate the wired tether and then through the laptop share out that connection to me via Wi-Fi.

          It's not like this costs anything, so even for limited use cases it's good information to know. What the real question is, is how many people didn't already know this existed?
        • while I get your point there could be situations like that

          I've had worked for a client in remote village in upstate New York. Where only Verizon phones work and AT&T gets poor signal. Forget about T-Mo and Sprint. My then employer provided me a Sprint card and I have 2 AT&T phones. None worked. The client place allows only one laptop per short-term consultant to be on their network using ethernet port. Of course their employees can use many devices on their WiFi though. (I still don't understand why that policy existed), but anyway I've seen and the network admins there encouraged us to use that connection to share Wi-Fi between our other systems.
          Ram U
        • I've got a much larger data plan

          On my stick than my phone.
    • because....

      sometimes in hotels there is only one allowed connection and if you are overseas do you want the second person paying data roaming charges?
      Normal people could figure this out but then maybe you have never travelled.
    • Thats why its called tip

      And its for OSX and good one at that.
  • OSX will be dead because only 5% uses it, Apple should adopt Windows.

    Not my logic, its from master AKH.
    • not related to the article content

      You saw the word "Mac" and spammed something, I guess.
    • Your knee-jerk reaction to ABW...

      ...(Anything But Windows) is getting tiresome, Owly. REALLY tiresome.
    • Perhaps you haven't heard Major changes are happening to OS X....

      OS X Yosemite due to be released this fall offers a complete makeover and seamless integration with iOS7 and more particularly the forthcoming iOS8 also due for release around the same time.

      Although you have well and truly registered your dislike for iOS devices the fact remains many people use them and for seamless integration with OS X for this generation of iOS users that is a Major advantage.

      Therefore there is a real possibility that the popularity of OS X could increase considerably.

      Whilst OS X Yosemite offers this complete integration with iOS it still remains to be a true Desktop operating system which is something Microsoft were not prepared to pull off hedging all their bets that everyone would be using touch screen on the original release of Windows 8.

      Microsoft have had three cracks at getting it right and have largely corrected most of the problems with Windows 8.1 Update 1 however the difference is Apple look on course to get it right first time with OS X Yosemite.
  • Good stuff

    I never knew this is possible.. Thanks!
  • While a nice article..

    .. the article would be better if it also lined out how to do the same in Windows and Linux (it's not that difficult).