OtterBox Armor Series for iPhone 5 offers ultimate protection and easy installation

OtterBox Armor Series for iPhone 5 offers ultimate protection and easy installation

Summary: OtterBox makes some fantastic protective cases and their most comprehensive coverage ever is now provided in the Armor Series. I like that it is also very easy to use with your iPhone 5 too.


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  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Lower corner protection

    Specifications for the case include waterproof for 30 minutes in up to 6.6 feet of water, drop proof for drops from up to 10 feet, high-strength reinforced plastic that can withstand up to 2 tonnes of force, and rustproof performance. It weighs just 3.91 ounces. It obviously adds bulk, which is a cost of having such protection.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Bottom port covers

    One of the frustrations I had with using previous protective cases was the effort required to insert and remove the smartphone from the case. With the Armor Series, OtterBox solved this with an extremely easy method where you simply set your phone in the front piece, slide the back left side into the available slots, and then secure the two metal hasps. I can install or remove my iPhone 5 in just seconds, and this ease of use makes the case one I will use on a more regular basis.

  • (Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

    Upper padding and screen protection

    The case design has just two simple pieces, front and back. The front is where most everything can be found, including an integrated screen protector. The top of the inside, above the screen protector, has a small piece of material to help hold the device in place. Around the inside edges you will find a frame with ridges that hold the device in place while offering shock protection.

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  • What is this iphone case article day?

    At least this one has a good case, if waterproofing is needed.
  • How is the audio and ringer levels

    I have a sturdy Griffin Survivor case. its quite good, but the case muffles the ringer and unless i use bluetooth or another handsfree device, the case makes it hard for me to hear others and them hear me.
  • If you put a case over your phone's case...

    ... you're a fool.

    Doesn't prayer protect phones from damage? Why use a case?