Over 40% of U.S. adults to stream Olympics on mobile devices: report

Over 40% of U.S. adults to stream Olympics on mobile devices: report

Summary: Nearly half of adult Americans will be heading to their mobile devices to tune into live coverage of the Olympics, according to a new survey.

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There has been much ado in the news that the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, which kick off in London next Friday, will be the first "social media" Olympics. (The Guardian went so far as to dub them the "first Twitter Olympics.")

Within the United States, there have been a few special mobile apps produced for the Olympics, typically produced by NBC.

But this year, the Olympics are coming to mobile devices in a brand new way through mobile streaming -- and a new survey from mobile marketing firm Velti reports that Americans are ready.

Velti predicts that 40 percent of those who plan to follow the Olympics this summer will do so on two or more devices.

Streaming will be the most sought-after activity as 45 percent of that viewing pool is projected to access video clips and replays while 41 percent will be streaming live coverage.

But the extra real estate on tablets is definitely going to make a difference. Approximately 50 percent of U.S. followers will look up archived video content, while 45 percent will tune in to their tablets for live coverage.

Note that this is the first year the Olympic Games will stream all 32 sports live.

Naturally, plenty of U.S. adults will still use their mobile devices for keeping up with news from the Games, but maybe not as many as you would expect. Velti expects 35 percent of the U.S. adults will use tablets for reading news coverage about the 2012 Olympics, while 27 percent will use their smartphones.

For reference, Velti's survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive (on behalf of Velti) between June 29 and July 3, 2012 among 2,088 adults ages 18 and older.

Topics: Mobility, Apps

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  • Can we have more precision please?

    This article implicitly claims to be very precise, beginning with its headline. As the author surely knows, not all tablet owners will be viewing the Olympics in any form. She should also know that tablet penetration was, as of June, about 25% of smartphone use (June 10 CNET article), which was about 50% of cell phone use. If we assume that all those with tablets will also be watching the Olympics (a very generous assumption), then 40% of that population would be about 5% of the US adult population (still a generous estimate).

    Five percent of all US adults is still a respectable number, but qualitatively (and of course quantitatively) very different and far smaller than the number stated in the article headline. What could have been a much more informative and valuable article turned into mush because of a lack of research and precision.

    The article qualifies the headline number but never establishes the size of the base population, US Adults who will be watching the Olympics who also own tablets, being used as the source of the percentage.
  • Thank goodness they moved away from Silverlight-based streaming

    The 2008 Olympics were streamed over an early iteration of MS's Silverlight web-based streaming (what later evolved to their Media Services). It was quirky and sometimes problematic even on Windows (from what i heard - didn't try), but just plain awful from Linux devices, trying to use the Moonlight open source version of the Silverlight plugin for browsers.

    This time, they're moving to a platform-neutral format (though I forget the details).

    I've actually wondered if this wasn't one of the issues that led to NBC dissolving the MSNBC relationship, though that's purely speculation, and the timelines may not be right.
  • 2012 Summer Olympic Games

    you can nit say that many people are going to watch 2012 Summer Olympic Games i will not
    be watching it so you see not are going to see it at all so you can not say that all