Over 75,000 Windows Phone apps published in 2012; Instagram still not among them

Over 75,000 Windows Phone apps published in 2012; Instagram still not among them

Summary: I am a huge fan of Windows Phone and have most all the apps I need on this platform, but there are still some key apps missing and frustrating experiences that keep an iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II in my mobile collection.

Over 75,000 Windows Phone apps published in 2012; Instagram still not among them

I attended the Windows Phone 8 launch event in late October and when Joe Belfiore revealed that there were 46 of the top 50 apps on other platforms with one more new app coming I swore it was going to be Instagram. That additional app was Pandora and it was revealed it is coming in early 2013. Over on the Windows Phone Developer Blog Microsoft revealed that more than 75,000 apps were certified and published in 2012. It's not just about the number of apps though and to have key apps like Instagram still not available on Windows Phone is disappointing.

I personally don't use Instagram that often, but understand from heavy users that it is much more about the social experience than the degraded photo experience. It doesn't really matter what you or I personally think about Instagram, it is an extremely popular service and needs to be on Windows Phone. I am also now using an UP band and a Fitbit One, but apps for these devices are on iOS and Android with no Windows Phone support. Windows Phone is getting many apps found on other platforms, but almost always after they are launched on other platforms so if you want the latest and greatest apps then Windows Phone is still not the answer. I am still shocked that Microsoft killed support for videos in Windows Phone 8 and am finding my Note II with Google Play videos and the AllShare Cast Wireless Hub to be an valuable option for media.

It is great to see a growing application catalog for Windows Phone and I still do enjoy the Metro experience on WP8 devices. However, there is still a gap in apps and I hope 2013 sees that narrowing as Microsoft continues to work with developers, manufacturers, and carriers.

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  • Well

    Is this really an issue given the fact that Instagram just tried to steal the collective works of their entire community? Probably Not!
    • Well

      All your photos belong to us.

      Really, this is much ado about nothing as many of those accounts that put it in the top 50 are about to become dormant.
      • Yep

        That's exactly what I'm saying and if Autodesk is smart they'll release a backend to their imaging app and create an Instagram like Environment.
        • The way Instagram keeps losing users

          If this trend continues you'd wonder if anyone still bothers using it.
  • Windows Phone is growing fast.

    Windows Phone is growing fast and will soon reach a critical mass. Android is a mess to support from a development perspective due to its uncontrolled nature. Windows 8 has 35,000 apps in just two months time and is growing very fast. Windows phone is going to benefit from all these.
    Also if you buy a Nokia WP phone, you get top quality Nokia apps with it.

    Also the so called App 'gap' doesn't matter to majority of the smart phone users. Its just the bad press some blog sites and bloggers use to trash WP8.

    WP8 is arguably the best and safest smart platform out there. Lot of people simply don't know about it and thinks its 'Windows'. This is the challenge for MS and its partners.
    • Nice PR job there.

      Shame it's just PR on a tech site.

      It's worth remembering, your average customer will not be reading ZDNet,

      And they couldn't care less how easy it is to support WP8.

      They are simply going for either an Apple or a Samsung.

      Windows to them means that beige box that always used to crash, or they have to use at work.

      You see, it's all very well you having and airing your opinion, but what really matters is if the guys in the phone shop push WP8, and that the right people buy them.

      Because, as we all know, people like to conform. After all, who really wants to be loser who buys a "daft" phone at the mothers meeting at the school gates.

      Until Microsoft can do something about their image, they are not likely to reach critical mass, ever.
      • hmmmm

        you seem to have an 'unhealthy attachment' to your mother!

        (perhaps there's an 'App' for that) - go look it up!
    • Re: Windows Phone is growing fast.

      But not fast enough.

      Microsoft is still behaving like it's 2008.
    • Critical mass?

      Does that mean death by overweight critics? That it's going to explode and shower the world with toxic waste? That it itself needs to go on a diet?
  • I loathe Instagram

    so, no big loss for me. But, I can understand that some thing it's the next best thing to "sliced bread".
    • Someone explain it to me please

      Why would I take my framed hi-res widescreen photos, crop them and degrade them with filters so they look worse. Instagram is the 21st century's Emperor's new clothes. A silly fad that they managed to parlay into a billion dollars.

      I'm waiting for pet rocks to come back ;-)
      • Someone explain it to me please

        this is the end result of the 'iPhad' - my iCamera sucks so I will down-grade the pictures so that everyone else's pictures look the same and thus I am not embarrassed by the icrap that I over-paid for!

        Shit , for real, can you imagine an iShit user comparing photos to a 920 user?

        what an utter embarrassment!
      • You're in Luck!

        I'm willing to sell you a genuine pet rock! They come in all shapes and sizes, just place your order and I'll dig one up! = D
        • Jim Please...

          can u find me one in an upside down 'W' I would be wiling to pay millions of something for it!
      • because that's where your friends are

        it's a social network around images; it's very important for the teen market.
  • Over 75,000 Windows Phone apps published in 2012; Instagram still not among

    Impressive number of apps and is going to continue to grow with the Microsoft ecosystem. I never saw the appeal for Instagram though. Every year the cameras in phones are getting better but you wouldn't know because Instragram gives it that 'old timey' look. I'd rather see the high quality full color picture than something with an amber fade on it.
    • Good for you.

      Then people probably think you're the boring fart in the office, the one with the pencils in his shirt pocket, the one with the windows phone, the one who fixes the server when its broke, the one who makes the girls worried as you are under the desk "fixing" their windows computer.

      The one who doesn't like Instragram photos.

      Great PR for Microsoft Loverock, great.
      • WTH?

        Was there a point in your ramblings?
        • Oh c'mon ya old fart

          you are so behind the times!

          You need Mirrors on your shoes - just like Bozzer has!

          He's an eighties kinda guy - didn't ya know?
        • the point

          It seems, the point was the girls. Are there girls around you? :)