PaaS and the peanut butter principle

PaaS and the peanut butter principle

Summary: Analogy: Platform as a Service means only worrying about final assembly of a sandwich, not growing and harvesting the wheat and peanuts.



"One key benefit of [Platform as a Service] is inherent in the value of components and platforms. We might call this the peanut butter principle. It's easier to make a peanut butter sandwich if you don't have to grow and grind your own peanuts, grow your own wheat, and bake your own bread. Leveraging proven, tested, components that others have created can be faster than building them from scratch.... the biggest issue with SOA is the lack of a WIIFM -- a what's in it for me.' There is little to moitvate an internal developers to create usable components. In the platform world, however, the motivation is money: the creation of a component that will enter a publicly available library to be sold."

                                                 - Joe Weinman, author of Cloudonomics

(Thumbnail PB&J photo: Wikipedia.)

Topic: Cloud

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  • easier is not nessarily better or even cheaper

    it is just this - easier.
    how about you present the other side of the story - the cost and and the pain of being locked into someone else's technology? And customizations. And maintanance. list goes on.