PacNet offshores 22 Aussie jobs

PacNet offshores 22 Aussie jobs

Summary: Asia-Pacific telco PacNet (formerly Pacific Internet) today confirmed it would shift some local call centre operations to Malaysia, in a move that will affect the jobs of 22 Australian staff.

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Asia-Pacific telco PacNet (formerly Pacific Internet) today confirmed it would shift some local call centre operations to Malaysia, in a move that will affect the jobs of 22 Australian staff.

"Regrettably, this afternoon we announced that we would be consolidating all our call centres to our operation in Kuala Lumpur," the company's Australia and New Zealand chief executive Deborah Homewood told this afternoon, following rumours of the cuts leaking onto micro-blogging site Twitter.

Homewood said the decision came as part of a reaction to the global economic crisis. "Our decision to consolidate our customer service functions was part of the measures taken to ensure that we are able to maintain the service level standards while maintaining our operational costs in multiple locations," she said.

The changes will also impact the company's Hong Kong and Singapore offices. "We're trying to protect as much as we can," said Homewood, noting the company hoped today's move would be the only changes the company would have to make.

The CEO pointed out the crisis was affecting all of Australia's business sectors, and not just the telecommunications industry. "Business in general, while attempting to remain up-beat, is taking steps to protect their businesses and also protect their customers," she said.

The news comes as reports are rapidly escalating of technology jobs being lost in companies across Australia. has started to compile a complete reference list of the cuts here.

Topic: Telcos

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  • Where is the uproar?

    This just goes to show the hypocrisy of the readers here. When There is a story about Telstra cutting jobs or outsourcing some jobs to companies that conduct operations overseas there is a massive uproar. 22 jobs may not sound like much but relatively speaking this is over 10% of their workforce and it is also a company owned operation in KL not being outsourced to another firm.

    I am disgusted at both this web site for writing this as a matter of fact whereas if it was a Telstra story I am sure you would have put a whole heap of emotional comments in there and at the readers for not standing up against them for killing Australian jobs.
  • Here

    I am disgusted with the export of employment as much as the next man. I don't excuse one company and blame others - any company that exports Australian jobs is un-Australian.

    I look at it like this - Indian workers (in India) do not contribute to Australia's economy because the pittance they earn never comes back here. At the same time, when savings are made by companies that export jobs the profits made from the exercise goes to shareholders instead of back to the customers via products and services that are less expensive. This is where it really stinks.

    I think the problem with Telstra copping most of the blame here is because Telstra, along with Coles, Woolworths and the big banks are the only companies that are being regularly reported for exporting jobs. That is the fault of the media outlets and not the visitors who comment.

    believe me when I say this: I will bag any company that sacks hard working Australians and sends their jobs overseas. It is an un-Australian act of bastardry and shows support for slave labour in order to maximise returns for shareholders rather than add value to products and services.
  • Lies, Liars and more Lies

    What rubbish ! ... "responding to current economic conditions".

    Are we expected to believe this because, as insiders know, this was planned since December last year. They were forced into making this announcement and used "economic conditions" as a excuse that treats us as ignorant and gullible.

    They would fire their Aussie staff on Dec 15 ... nice guys ! If they weren't caught out when would they have fired folks .. whilst they were off on vacation !

    The former CEO of PacNet Australia, Dennis Muscat got canned because he was defending the jobs of all the hard working guys who built up the company over the last 10 years. Now they are out on the street at Christmas as some greedy investors want a few more cents profit and the Hong Kong management team wants to beef up their annual bonuses.

    Boycott these guys .. if they can't tell the truth and they are so sneaky on the way they do things then they don't deserve our business !
  • What about the Austrlaian Government Contracts

    Here is a company which secured a multi-year contract with our Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to supply global connectivity and then fires nearly half of it's Australian staff just 6 months later ... are we silly and would this happen if the contract was with the Singapore or Chinese Governments ... I think not !

    Come on guys, when is it enough !

    Lets think about this ...

    "Hello this is Australian Consulate in London .. can you help me with our internet connection

    "This is Malaysia ... how can I help you?"
  • Good for some

    How did these guys get the contract to run our government's embassies and foreign affairs ?

    They are based in Hong Kong, owned by some shady characters and have a large Chinese government connection ... I hear they made their bid boasting of their Australian Call Center ... and they knew they were shutting it down ?

    QANTAS wants to partner with British Airways and we shout "national security" but we hand the keys to our embassies to some bunch of cowboys ... doesn't make sense to me.
  • They've lost us

    We've been with these guys for the past number of years. We recently went out to tender and allowed them to respond. NOWHERE did they mention that they were outsourcing their premier tech (Which were one of the only reasons we went with them in the first place). This deceit did not fair them well in the end and they have lost over 200k a year of our business because of it.

    I wish all the tech guys the best of luck finding work in the future and i'm sure they'll have no problems as I dealt with some fine people there.
  • Saving Money -- PTT blowout

    Just back form PTT in Hawaii .. PacNet had the Presidential Suite for their "CEO of the Year"at $US4000/night. Flights there were first class .. guess they are really on an economy kick !

    Guess this is what they mean about maintaining their operational costs .... spend big for some and fire the little guys ! I was disgusted at the money spent on self promotion and the pointless hype .
  • typical

    don't be surprised anonymous, the Monday after Pacnet have sacked their Aussie support team, their sales people got an all expense paid for trip to Disneyland for a week.

    they are not doing too bad for a company which is supposedly affected by the economic downturn.
  • More of the same ....

    If that wasn't enough .. the CEO was seen in the Presidential Suite at PTT last month after a lavish first class trip by the senior team to meet, greet and party with the rest of the boys in Hawaii. Other Telcoms cut back but PacNet stepped up the spending.

    Follow this with another round of layoffs which occurred in Asia two weeks ago - how do these guys live with themselves.!

    I am not sure who I pity most .. the staff or the investors who are sinking more and more cash into this white elephant.
  • Just Deserts

    Love looking back on these old posts ... seems like PacNet's key investor Ashmore funds has dipped over 50% in the last 12 months ... wonder if they feel as happy with the high rolling antics of their recycled WorldCom management team now ?

    Oh .. and I did notice another outrageous statement by their comical CEO about additional acquisitions ... we are waiting for your FIRST bid on AAPT .. seems no one at AAPT has ever heard from you !