Panasonic has 1p integration error

Panasonic has 1p integration error

Summary: Oh dear, I have to report a bit of a goof here. Not by me, I hasten to add, but by those awfully nice Panasonic people.

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Oh dear, I have to report a bit of a goof here. Not by me, I hasten to add, but by those awfully nice Panasonic people.

The problem for Panasonic was that, according to the ZDNet UK news blog on Thursday, arniesaccnuson of Gloucester had discovered that due to a mistake or malevolent hacking or possibly both it was possible to access that part of the Panasonic website dealing with flat panel displays and get hold of a display for as little as 1p. Was this true? Had Panasonic lost its mind or control of its web site or both?

Of course not, as it turned out. “There had been an integration error,” explained the spokesperson for Panasonic. “This resulted in the offer to sell things for a penny.”

So that was OK then. Well, not quite. “At least we think that is what happened,” the spokesperson added.

“Some software was being upgraded from SAP to, er, something else,” when the problem offured the spokesperson said. That SAP software must be tricky stuff. Or maybe it was the “something else’s” fault. Anyway, the problem knocked part of the website out from Thursday to Monday afternoon. It is back up and running OK now though.

Does that mean that in the meantime users have been feasted themselves by snapping up flat screens for 1p a piece?

Sadly no. “No one would have received any good at that price,” said the spokesperson. “It is clearly covered in our terms and conditions. We will obviously give anybody who was affected a full refund.” Does that mean you will give them one penny, we asked? “Er, yes.”

Ah well. If anybody did manage to scurry away with a 1p flat screen, do let us know.

Topic: After Hours


Colin Barker is based in London and is Senior Reporter for ZDNet. He has been writing about the IT business for some 30-plus years. He still enjoys it.

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  • Panasonic has 1p integration error

    This is very disappointing to say the least. I thought I had indeed bagged the
  • Panasonic has 1p integration error

    They may think they can pass it off as you describe, but judging by a discussion I had with a disappointed customer yesterday, who had his order canceled with no apology, no reassurance as to security of his financial information, not to mention TRADING STANDARDS and DUE DILIGENCE!!!!! this mater is far from over.

  • Panasonic has 1p integration error

    Where did you find this Blogging software?
    I seem to end up posting the same comment twice, Ok I did back browse and I did allow it to resend, but I dont have this problem on blogger or WP !
    Is the legal poster saying that T&C are not a defense ?

    Colin, did they cite the specific clause in the T & C that they are using in their defense? I haven't personally read them as yet
  • Panasonic has 1p integration error

    The defence of mistake can operate to a claim in specific performance and they seem pretty well covered with their T&C
  • Panasonic has 1p integration error

    Can I join you?

    I was asked Saturday morning for my opinion as to what was going on by a music composer friend of mine, he had been alerted by his Dentist who was genuinely trying to buy a windscreen, I then alerted a geeky friend and posted here and another place, what I am getting at, is there any merit/is it possible for a class action?

  • Panasonic has 1p integration error

    Thanks for comments. Well, on the issue of getting hold of a 1p piiece of kit from Panasonic the fact is that the company is not legally obliged (as I understand the law) to sell you anything it does not want to. You are legally entitled only to a full refund of the money if you are unhappy with the deal.
    By all means, I would like to hear from any legal experts who believe it is not so.
    On the second point about our blogging software, all I can say is that I take the point and can pass on any complaints to our technical staff.
    Colin Barker
  • Panasonic has 1p integration error

    Thanks Colin, I was a bit excitable that day, and the software is as good or as bad as any other.

    A bit of a follow up, I still have a Panasonic LCD screen in my shopping basket for .0.01p but it wont let me complete the transaction, even if I add to the basket, and under my friends account the shop didnt work either: checkout>site maintenance.

    A lot of internet law is "virgin law", I sometimes think ANARCHY is a better description, but I think the legal poster, if he is not bluffing, will probably get something because he and Panasonic know, that Law is essentially a financial war of attrition, so as long as he isn't greedy a mutually agreeable solution will be found for both him and Arnie
    I thank him for the legal argument and if he has any more they will be most gratefully received.
  • Panasonic has 1p integration error

    Hi all
    just a point about the there terms (get out) no. 9 this was not done no one asked did i want the goods at the right price or did they contact me before the order was cancelled !
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