Parallels warns caution with Windows 8 installs

Parallels warns caution with Windows 8 installs

Summary: Parallels this week users to be very, very cautious about upgrading their existing Parallels virtual machines to Windows 8.


Windows 8 is gathering the buzz. However, in an "urgent and critical" service advisory, Parallels warned its customers on Wed. to proceed with caution when updating existing virtual machines to Windows 8. Data loss could be the result.

Upgrading from an existing Windows OS to Windows 8? We strongly suggest waiting until Parallels has finalized testing the upgrade process. Upgrading now may damage your virtual machine, causing you to lose all your data, files and Windows applications. We're working hard on completing our testing of the Windows 8 upgrade, and will inform you via in-product notification when you can successfully upgrade to Windows 8.

The company suggests subscribing to the page's RSS feed for changes and updates.

At the same time, a new virtual machine should work just fine, the advisory notes. The only caveat is to use the very latest build of Parallels Desktop 8 to create this new virtual machine.

Topics: Apple, Operating Systems, Virtualization, Windows

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  • Thanks for the warning David

    I appreciate it. It sure makes me glad I don't use OS X or Parallels.

    One does have to wonder though if Parallels is getting a little "incentive" from a fruity company in order to dampen the uptake of Windows 8.
    • Yea Todbottom3

      Google put Parallels up to write shotty code that does not handle Windows 8 without a patch. You are sure -clueless- right on this one!
    • Not logical.

      Why are you happy you're not using OS X because parallels has made a fault?? That's like being happy you don't drive a certain car brand because some 3rd party company has made a product with a fault. No one is making you use it, and there are many other alternatives.
      Marcus Lindgren
  • Mixed Message

    Why does Parallels have all the Windows 8 screen caps on there home page?
    Did they not test this scenario before now.
  • Isn't one of the virtues of a VM

    that you can easily make a backup of it before you make major changes to it?
    Michael Kelly
  • Fail

    This is a super fail. Windows 8 should work fine. What are they trying to do?
  • Where is Loverock Davidson to tell us it aint so

    Hurry up Lovie we all need your advise on this ......oh please hurry lovie
    Over and Out
  • The only caveat is to use the very latest build of Parallels Desktop 8

    I used Parallels version 7 to install the Windows 8 preview to try. It worked fine. Perhaps I did something wrong!
    • Need for Parallels

      Interestingly (at least to me), the only reason I need and Windows VM is because of font problems when exchanging between PowerPoint for Mac & PC. I need to check my presentations work on Windows when taking them elsewhere on a flash drive.
      • PPT on the Mac

        Never had a problem with MS PowerPoint on the Mac. I never heard of a Windows PC seeing my PPTs differently on their machine.
        • Greek

          The problem is with some of the symbol fonts. Greek characters and mathematical symbols don't always display correctly when displayed on PPT for PC.
  • This is just sad...

    I used Parallels 7 to run Windows 8 CP. I upgraded to Parallels 8 not long ago, and also installed Windows 8 RP. It all "just works". This is an unnecessary scare because;

    a) Parallels and Windows 8 works fine together,

    b) Windows 8 upgrade is actually REALLY good and won't trash your data,

    c) They've been promoting Windows 8 compatibility as one of the major version 8 "features", so SURELY they tested an upgrade scenario before now, because their customers (including me) already have.

    This smells fishy.
  • NOW they tell me.

    Nothing of critical importance was lost......but only because I have good backups.